Isildur1 in big PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-12]

(Due to request from readers, we publish this post in English, feel free to use the implemented Google Translate function to translate it to any language that suits you.)

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been gone from the tables at PokerStars for quite some time now. We saw some action from him at PokerStars just recently, read about that more in our previous post in the link here below if you haven’t read it already:

Isildur1 tillbaka på PokerStars efter 2 veckor [2015-12-07]

He has then been coming back from time to time for some short sessions here and there, and except for playing 17 hands of 1k/2k 2-7 Triple Draw, all of the action has been on the PLO tables even here. He started out grinding the 100/200 PLO tables and managed to get a smaller success after just 279 hands, followed by moving up to playing 200/400 PLO.

But with the change to 200/400 came also the bad run. Isildur1 did not manage to win any key pots at all and dropped 93k$ in just  154 hands. Luckily, he had managed to gain 85k$ earlier playing the 100/200 tables, leaving him with a loss of just 8k$ as the day ended, which would have to be seen as somewhat positive considering how bad he ran at the 200/400 tables.

 In the last 7 days Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has only played a total of 991 hands over at PokerStars, compare that to the amount of hands he usually plays on a daily basis on PokerStars, and you quickly see that in the last 7 days, the amount of hands he has played is equivalent to 4 hours grinding on a normal day at PokerStars for Viktor.

However, during this time he has also played on the MicroGaming network, a lot. The opponent over at MicroGaming is lefivoto, the blinds in play are 100/200 PLO (euros), and they have both agreed to design the game so that they play x3 and x9. This means that the pots get big very fast, and considering the starting stacks is 10k euros, there is often all in pots, which makes for a great game.

The pictures that are included in this post are being posted in a timeline, meaning what you see in the beginning of the picture timeline is from action taken a couple of days ago, followed by the day after that, and so on, until now. There is however not any ongoing tracking for these MicroGaming highstakes cashtables, meaning that we can’t provide you with 100% accurate stats from these days, but we will surely do our best to keep up with that in the future, and who knows, if more highstakes players move over their action to the MicroGaming network, HighstakesDB will more or less be forced to find a way to also start tracking the MicroGaming tables.

Before we go through the action from the latest days, lets answer a couple of questions that have been asked over on different forums for the past few days, seeing Isildur1 putting in almost all of the action over at MicroGaming instead of PokerStars surely raised some heads, hopefully we can clear some things up right here.


Question #1:

What is this MicroGaming thing? What is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s nickname on MicroGaming, and how can I rail all of the good action?

Answer: The MicroGaming network is a privately held Isle of Man based software that has been in the business for a very long time, going back as long as to year 1994. It is basically a good network, but it is not even comparable to PokerStars when it comes to the amount of active players online, the skin, or the network in its entirety.

It is however a fairly nice network for the railers, since the tables are easy accessible, and it’s very easy to search and find for players, and the design for the tables is actually not that bad, so everything is not negative about it, but for the railers, it is much worse than what we have had before.

The biggest problem for the railers when it comes to railing Viktor “Isildur1” Blom at MicroGaming, if he does decide to continue to play there, is that there is no guarantee that us railers will be able to rail all the games, and the reason to that assumption is fairly straight forward.

On MicroGaming you can register multiple nicknames through multiple MicroGaming skins, in the same way as you can do in Ipokers network, which is only negative for us railers, and something that makes it even worse is that MicroGaming have decided to let players change their nickname once every 30 days, meaning that we can’t know for sure what nickname Isildur1 will be playing under in the MicroGaming network in the future. The only way to know the new nicknames he might change to and play under in the future, is by having some of his opponents leaking it out.

Therefore, we sincerely hope that he will stick to PokerStars in 2016, so that we can easily watch him play and also take note of the statistics order from the highest tables at PokerStars. Obviously, the nicknames would sooner or later always leak out anyways, but it would be nice with as little trouble as possible when it comes to railing him.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is playing under the nickname “hrskar” at the MicroGaming network, he surely has some other nicknames as well, but this is the one he has been using just recently (2014-2015) for his highstakes action. We have had this information for quite some time, but considering that Viktor himself haven’t gone out with it himself, we have been forced to handle the information with care and not publishing something which may not be entirely true.

Now you might ask yourself, what in the holy Gods name is “hrskar”? And the answer to that question is that there is no definitive answer to it. However, we have done some research into it all, and has concluded that it is highly possible that the username comes from something called Obsidian Portal, but as a famous Irish man recently speculated, the name may come from the word ‘shark’,  which is a colloquial term in poker. Finally to answer this question, here is a short guide on how to get started railing the allmighty king Isildur1 on MicroGaming under his current nickname “hrskar”:

Step 1: Google “MicroGaming Poker”. The following link will be in the first page of the Google results: .

Step 2: Download any MicroGaming poker skin that you want, you will be able to search for “hrskar” in the client no matter which one you pick. Download the client, and then install it on your computer.

Step 3: Create an account on the skin you have picked (so that you can join the rail later on and chat with all of the other railers).

Step 4: Once your account is created, follow the image below for a detailed instruction on how to find the players that Isildur1 is playing on:


Now you are to jump into the action right away, enjoy!

Question #2:

Why is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom playing at MicroGaming now all of a sudden, why isn’t he putting in all of the action on PokerStars as usual?

 Answer: Well, the speculations have been widely spread over the world in the last few days, and there isn’t really any definite answer to it. There is however, speculations about it that seems very reasonable.

One of the possible reasons might be that it is some kind of protest against the changes that PokerStars is going to implement for next year.

There is a huge 15+% procent rakeback loss next year for the HighStakes players. Exactly what PokerStars was thinking with this is extremely unclear, and there isn’t any logic to it at all which makes it seem even more confusing. Even ambassadeurs for PokerStars is against it, one of them being the famous worldstar Daniel Negreanu, who also talked about the changes in Joe Ingram’s podcast, if you are interesting in listening into that you can click here to find out more about it.

Now you might also ask yourself, is PokerStars insane? They have no cows left in the paddock at all? Yes, it doesnt seem any better than that, unfortunately. In the words of none other than Bob Ross, “We dont make mistakes, we just have happy accidents,” something that unfortunately can’t be said about the changes that PokerStars is currently doing on their site. There is absolutely no happy accidents here, just a big fat mistake.

There is also some other logical reasons that may have lead to this decision. One of them being the huge downswing Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has had at PokerStars for the last big sessions he has played there. Despite experiencing one of his best years of Poker in his entire career, with extraordinary upswings of millions of dollars, Viktor has had somewhat of an extremely bad ongoing run at the tables. If you want to read more about the insane run Isildur1 had back in August and September, feel free to read our earlier posts by clicking the links below:

Basically, in terms of results at PokerStars, Viktor went on a big downswing almost for the entire month of November, something that is also clearly visible in his graph:


 As seen in this graph, it didnt happen a lot for Isildur1 during the start of the year, followed by an upswing of just over 1 Million$ in May, followed by a smaller, but constant downswing until August. Then we released the new website, something that clearly have seemed to be giving Viktor more energy and power. It is ofcourse his action at the tables that matters, and a blog post wont make him win hands, but surely haven’t gone unnoticed. As we can see in the chip graph above, as we can see, it has only gone downhill after this, adn given the way things have gone at the tables on PokerStars recently for Viktor, it’s no wonder he feels the need to play and build the bankroller over on other sites and other networks.

Now back to the recent action over at MicroGaming, here is a shorter picture timeline of what has been going on over there in the past few days, where we have seen very energtic and fast-paced action with big pots and big swings back and forth between the two, Viktor “hrskar” Blom, and Mr “lefivoto” unknown:

2015-12-11 – 2015-12-12:









They keep opening up new tables all the time, i guess a new fresh table is the best for this kind of play. Fresh, like the morning after a rainstorm.








Here you can see Isildur1 getting a mighty Royal Flush, a hand that is extremely rare to get in and the absolut best hand you can get in poker. Rare, yes, but as we all know Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has both the magic skill and the magic powers, so a Royal Flush is nothing new to him.











































Exactly what the numbers in terms of results looks like after these days is a little unclear, considering there is no live tracking for these tables. We do however know that Isildur1 ended the session losing just over 100k$, so hopefully he can manage to recover from that and gain it all and even more back. More to come in the weekend for sure.


We will ofcourse keep you updated with what’s in store in the future, and hope that there will be more action on PokerStars now in the future to start of PokerStars. The dream scenario had obviously been that the High Stakes tables came back on FullTiltPoker, which is the best client for us railbirds, but this is probably a dream that we should get rid of pretty quickly, considering it is a dream that will never occur.


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