Isildur1 wins big in PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-15]

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has continued his journey on the MicroGaming tables. We have recently reported about this for the last few days, if you for some reason missed those out, feel free to click the links below to get catched up on what’s been going on for the last couple of days over at MicroGaming:

Isildur1 continues PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-13]

Isildur1 in big PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-12]

The action has been enormous, marathon sessions for over 9 hours a day which makes up for some amazing action for all of the beloved railers around the world, and when Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is in this good form, you are guaranteed to get some really exciting action for your eyes to see. As we know from before, Viktor doesn’t make mistakes, he just have happy accidents, but so far it’s been going really good over at MicroGaming, there is always some bumps on the road ahead, but let’s just hope when that bump comes, it wont be a big one.

Sadly there is no livetracking available over at, but we do our best to keep up with the tracks manually ourselves, and hope that you guys appreciate that.

The statistics won’t be 100% accurate considering when it’s not automatic, mistakes can, and will always happen. But you know what? Over here at we don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents, and as long as the results are somewhat accurate, this is a lot better than no results at all, wouldn’t you guys agree with that?

We still haven’t figured out who lefivoto is yet, but we have a pretty good idea, this is something were not going to post just yet here on the site, considering it’s not confirmed or even as close to confirmed as we need to be able to post it here, sometimes happy accidents isn’t needed, and sometimes you just need to wait until the information comes out there, just wait for it, absolutely no pressure.


The statistics we provide here is statistics that we also provide to poker forums over the world to make sure as much people as possible reach this news, and since HighstakesDB doesn’t have any current livetracking for this MicroGaming madness, we also try our best to keep them informed on what the current statistics looks like, when Isildur1 brings the action to PokerStars, HighstakesDB is always there to help you keeping tracks, so why wouldn’t we wanna help them when Viktor grinds these untracked euro sites? Obviously, we have some little rascals out there helping is keeping these statistics accurate.

We would therefore gladly appreciate if all of you who are reading this is on the clear with that the statistics won’t be 100% accurate, but we do our best to keep it as close to accurate as possible, considering we all want to know how King Blom from Sweden is doing on the pokertables, now that he has seem to have taken a temporary vacation from PokerStars.

Railing Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is like a box with quite few chocolate pieces. You know quite exactly what you are going to get in advance. It will either be a swing upwards out of the ordinary, or a roller coaster downwards which can take a very long time to rebuild. But this is why everyone loves Isildur1 so much.

This is the reason why he is so special, so magnificent, so wonderful. This is not some normal regular Poker player, this is Isildur1, he play heads-up for rolls, in the big nosebleed games, and we are all fine with that, let’s hope his heart is as fine with it as we are.

We believed that Viktor by now have realized that Poker is his thing. In Poker, you have unlimited power to perform miracles, if you are good enough, and when it comes to being good at Poker, that’s something Isildur1 knows pretty god damn much about.

Viktor has the power to crush regs, he can bend down the likes of Ben86, Zugwat, Ike Haxton, taktloss47, Phil Ivey, and throw them in the dustbin, but when he logs out from Poker, the only thing he has power over, is the garbage, and considering that Viktor might not be the very best at sports, especially considering that he can not even win in the mini-golf against his own mother. But you know what? Who the hell cares about golf when you have Poker? Exactly.

When you take a quick look on the daily life of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom at the poker tables, it might seem like they are all the same, and yes, many days it looks just like it did the day before, but the matches in itself is always unique, even if everything looks identical on the outside.

Every day in the Poker life of King Blom is unique, and when the bells tolls and the referee blows his whistle, you know what’s going to happen. There will be action as never seen before. It’s poker history in the making, and that day that Viktor finally decides to retire from Poker, is also the day the Poker can lie down in the grave together with Pablo Escobar.

For those of you who have seen the TV-series Narcos, you know the similarities between Viktor Blom and Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria himself. There are only two choices here:

Plata, O Plomo?

For Pablo, this meant essentially that he asked is enemy’s if they wanted money, or if they wanted to die. The same can be applied to the battles that Viktor starts in poker. Either your bank roll will be as dead as Voldemort in tomorrow morning, or you will wake up to a bankroll so huge that you can barely handle it, either way, it will be a blood battle.

 Below is a statistics timeline from the action last session, which tells us approximately how many buyins of 10k each that Viktor has brought to the table, and also what kind of profit, or maybe even loss he might have left the table with. Those statistics are mostly added manually, so hopefully the human errors in registering wont be too big. The action went on for over 12 hours, but as we know from before, Isildur1 isn’t directly hostile to play enormously long sessions, mainly considering that this is something he has done so many times before.


Some people raised eyebrows after HighstakesDB during the day, published an article regarding how the battles have gone for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom during his most recent days of action, and they also questioned how well these figures are consistent with the reality, and it is so that the numbers does not fully add up to be true, it’s not them you should blame, it’s us, considering that the results right now mostly is provided by us, and we know that they may not match the exact results, but we are at least trying to keep tracks of how it goes for our everyone’s Little Star Boy.

For those who haven’t figured this out already, the results in the sheet just right above is from the battle against lefivoto, Isildur1 also delivered a small bit of action to other players at the MicroGaming network, ending -40k~, but since the main action is against lefivoto, this is what we are going to focus on here until something bigger comes up. Either way, counting the -40k~ loss against other players over at MicroGaming in the last session, it’s been a great journey so far for the last couple of days for Viktor playing at this network.


During this short time that Viktor played against these other 2 players, the speculation began to spread regarding if they cooperated, it looked indeed very fishy certain hands, but since that Viktor decided to leave the table faster than you can say Cholo, there is not much sense in going into depth regarding that. Maybe it’s Brian Hastings multiaccounting, maybe it isn’t. That’s a crooked tree. We’ll send him to Washington.

Below is a picture timeline from the action last session, the pictures from the top is from the beginning at the session, and the pictures at the bottom is from the end of the session.

2015-12-1401_08_50-ESL_CSGO-Twitch 2015-12-1401_14_04-Greenshot 2015-12-1401_16_17-ESL_CSGO-Twitch 2015-12-1401_18_26-32RedPoker-Omaha(2SeatTable)-Isildur1fanb-€50_€100-Kyrk(HeadsUp)- 2015-12-1401_23_50-Greenshot 2015-12-1401_24_53-32RedPoker-Omaha(2SeatTable)-Isildur1fanb-€50_€100-Kyrk(HeadsUp)- 2015-12-1402_12_15-Solsidandel9-TV4Play 2015-12-1402_27_11-Greenshot 2015-12-1402_29_16-Solsidandel9-TV4Play 2015-12-1402_41_16-Greenshot 2015-12-1403_04_25-Greenshot 2015-12-1403_16_49-Greenshot 2015-12-1403_39_54-Greenshot 2015-12-1404_49_18-Greenshot 2015-12-1405_01_17-Greenshot 2015-12-1405_04_10-Greenshot 2015-12-1405_09_30-Greenshot 2015-12-1405_24_29-Greenshot 2015-12-1405_30_21-Greenshot 2015-12-1405_30_23-32RedPoker-Omaha(2SeatTable)-Isildur1fanb-€50_€100-Kyron(HeadsUp) 2015-12-1405_35_58-Greenshot 2015-12-1405_52_27-Greenshot 2015-12-1406_21_29-Greenshot 2015-12-1406_22_47-Greenshot 2015-12-1406_23_21-Greenshot 2015-12-1408_00_46-Greenshot 2015-12-1408_02_25-Greenshot 2015-12-1408_15_48-Greenshot 2015-12-1408_24_32-Greenshot 2015-12-1408_40_50-32RedPoker-Omaha(2SeatTable)-Isildur1fanb-€50_€100-Kyson(HeadsUp) 2015-12-1408_43_15-Greenshot 2015-12-1409_06_08-Greenshot 2015-12-1409_15_46-Greenshot 2015-12-1409_50_42-Greenshot 2015-12-1409_54_02-Greenshot 2015-12-1409_59_58-Greenshot 2015-12-1410_19_58-Greenshot 2015-12-1410_21_23-Greenshot 2015-12-1410_21_30-Greenshot

Then resumed the battle after what was probably a much needed rest for the Swedish king from the town of Ed. More updates regarding that, with statistics together with pictures and more information is going to be updated into this post later on.

We would also like to point out that this is not a place to spread any kind of negative opinions about Viktor, so when it comes to spreading a lot of nonsense you are warmly welcome to instead visit TwoPlusTwo.

We will ofcourse keep you updated with what’s in store in the future, and hope that there will be more action on PokerStars now in the future to start of PokerStars. The dream scenario had obviously been that the High Stakes tables came back on FullTiltPoker, which is the best client for us railbirds, but this is probably a dream that we should get rid of pretty quickly, considering it is a dream that will never occur.

From all of us here I’d like to wish you happy railing…and God bless my friend.

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