Isildur1 stuck over a million @ Microgaming [2015-12-16]

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has created much action in recent days, not at PokerStars, but on the Microgaming network, where resistance has mostly consisted of the aggressor lefivoto.

Please follow the links below to catch up on the action that went down during the weekend.

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We will continue to write news in English, especially given the success of the blog has had since then in terms of visitors and great feedback.

During the weekend it looked very good for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom from time to time, at some tables he even ran the stack up to over 200k, considering they start every table with a 10k stack, this was extremely impressing, and there’s not many players in the world capable of running up a stack as good as Viktor himself. Despite this, after the weekend was over things have looked pretty dark for King Blom. When we made the reports for the weekend, things looked very bright for Isildur1, and considering he had a rough times at the tables over at MicroGaming just before the weekend, we really hoped that he could let the goodrun continue even after the weekend, sadly things went bad and it did not go as planned.

Rumors claim that Isildur1 is stuck right above the million altogether over at MicroGaming, despite his partially enormous success at the tables during the weekend.

Since there is no live-tracking available for MicroGaming at this very moment, it’s very hard for railers to keep track of the statistics from the action without railing themselves, and if the railers miss just some small tables here and there, the numbers wont be so accurate in the end, and ofcourse it’s not fun to keep track when Isildur1 is losing, but it’s very important to add them all together to get a number that is as accurate as possible. Last weekend it did look very good from time to time and some sessions he ran it up so good, and for a very long time it looked like he was going to keep the upswing going. However, as we can see on the results now after the weekend, things have turned the wrong way again, and we really hope the Viktor can turn this around.

Viktor has turned losses into huge successes in the past, it is one of his most prominent characteristics, and is also the reasons that he is one of the most feared players in the world, if not the absolute most feared. The only negative with the style of play that the king possesses, is that even if it goes really well some days, as it partly did over the weekend, it might not be even close enough to cover up for bad sessions just the days before that.

We had information that said that it had gone very badly for Viktor days before the weekend, and we did know that he was a couple of hundred thousands down, but we tried to get the numbers as accurate as possible, and since we didn’t have anyone out there that was able to track it for us, we had to wait until we knew more about the situation before we could post anything regarding how the numbers might look altogether, with all the sessions included, even the ones that took place before the weekend. We first thought it was a miscount from our side regarding the days before the weekend, and we have not put out any reporting earlier about it, except for the battles that took place during the weekend, battles that we ourselves could keep an eye on.

The figures we then had looked very dark, and because we had not confirmed them in any way we could not go out with themAccording to the information he had lost over 800k, the sad thing about this (other than the fact that it sucks when Isildur1 runs bad), is that there is no reports out there about this.

Now however, we have received some very sad news, news that feels very sad to have to announce, and it is confirmation that the days before the weekend was as brutal as it was rumored to be.

Together with the last session against lefivoto that ended up with lefivoto winning just below 200k from Isildur1, the accumulated figure (with the good sessions over the weekend included), tells us that Viktor is stuck over 1.1M£ over at MicroGaming. This means that the weekend’s success is only a glimmer of light in a great darkness. This is a sum that Viktor himself also has confirmed, not directly to us but to other people.

Then who is the opponent who now sits on this big win? One man’s loss is another man’s treasure, and we can only speculate who the player behind the nickname lefivoto is. Most recent speculations have pointed toward other swedish players, such as BERRI SWEET and fjutekk from PokerStars, but this is not confirmed  in any way and might not ever be either. It doesn’t really matter who the person behind the nickname lefivoto is really, the only thing that truly matters is that Viktor gets back up on the horse and makes sure he recovers from this.

This is obviously very sad, but as we have said before and will continue to say even in the future:

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom doesn’t make mistakes, he just have happy accidents, and this is exactly what this is, a happy accident. And what do you do with happy accidents? You watch them, you feel them, you think about them, to avoid happy accidents to happen in the future. If he could have kept up the good run from the weekend at the start of this week, the happy accident would most likely have been all forgotten, now it’s right there, and the only thing there is to do about it is to look at it. Embrace it, and ensure that the path that follows is as hassle free as possible.

You never feel as rich as when things go well for Viktor, it’s probably something we all railbirds can subscribe to.


We obviously have reported on this in recent days, if for some reason you have missed this, please click on the links below to take up what you missed. After what was some very dark sessions for the weekend the come, the weekend however did look a lot brighter. Feel free to click the links below to get more information regarding the action that went over at the weekend.

We have reported the action over at MicroGaming for the last weekend, but there is no reports available for the action that went down before the weekend, and since we only have reports for the weekend, and HighstakesDB also (as for now) only have reports from the weekend, the accurate numbers from the days last week before the weekend is somewhat unclear, but according to sources he might have lost more the days before the weekend than what he actually won over the weekend. This means that if Isildur1 actually lost quite a lot before the weekend, he might be down a pretty hefty sum @ MicroGaming overall for the last month, even with the good weekend taken into consideration. There doesn’t seem to be any information at all open to the public regarding how it actually went down over the weekdays, and it was first when the weekend came that we could make reports about Viktor playing at MicroGaming under the nickname “hrskar”, and publishing articles and newsposts about it before it was confirmed it really is him playing, wouldn’t be that great.

Since we really don’t have any accurate numbers for the days before the weekend last week, we would really appreciate if someone sits on these numbers that they gladly can come out with it so that the railers can get to know how things went down. We did know that those days ended up with very bad results, but we didn’t know exactly just how bad they were. It may be that the good results over the weekend are not even near enough to cover up for the losses that came days before the weekend, something that also has been confirmed later on as we wrote above, considering that all together Viktor now seems to be stuck over a million euros over at MicroGaming, which is not good news.

The famous Bob Ross once said, and I quote:

“I really believe that if you practice enough you could paint the ‘Mona Lisa’ with a two-inch brush.”

It’s exactly the same way with Isildur1. If he believes that he can do it, he can do it. The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it.

Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe, and this is something that Viktor knows, this is something that Viktor lives by. He lives by the dreams he has, and he fullfills his dreams, he makes them come true, kinda like a dreamcatcher.

All things considered, it looks like Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is down quite a big amount over at MicroGaming, and therefore we all need to gather, together, and make sure to keep our hopes up that he can get a real upswing going, and for him to keep that upswing for some consecutive days.

The action is going on right now against 1znogoud at MicroGaming, probably because lefivoto seems to be offline right now.

Here is some pictures from the ongoing battle against 1znogoud:

2015-12-16 10_25_29-32Red Poker - Omaha (2 Seat Table) - Isildur1fanb - €50_€100 - Kyron (Heads Up) 2015-12-16 10_25_40-32Red Poker - Omaha (2 Seat Table) - Isildur1fanb - €50_€100 - Kyron (Heads Up) 2015-12-16 10_28_13-Greenshot 2015-12-16 10_30_05-32Red Poker - Omaha (2 Seat Table) - Isildur1fanb - €50_€100 - Kyrk (Heads Up) - 2015-12-16 10_34_12-Greenshot

2015-12-1610_52_41-Greenshot 2015-12-1610_53_28-Greenshot 2015-12-1610_53_34-Greenshot 2015-12-1610_55_50-32RedPoker-Omaha(2SeatTable)-Isildur1fanb-€50_€100-Kyrk(HeadsUp)- 2015-12-1610_56_01-Greenshot 2015-12-1610_58_58-Greenshot 2015-12-1611_01_40-Greenshot

We will ofcourse keep you updated with what’s in store in the future, and hope that there will be more action on PokerStars now in the future to start of PokerStars. The dream scenario had obviously been that the High Stakes tables came back on FullTiltPoker, which is the best client for us railbirds, but this is probably a dream that we should get rid of pretty quickly, considering it is a dream that will never occur.

EDIT: According to our system taking screenshots when there is indications of action at the MicroGaming tables, Viktor wrote the following to 1znogoud in the table chat just a couple of hours ago, confirming once more that he indeed down a pretty hefty sum from last week:


From all of us here I’d like to wish you happy railing…and God bless my friend.


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