Isildur1 in a big roller coaster @ PokerStars [2015-12-20]

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been very active in the most recent days over at PokerStars.

If you for some reason missed our report last night, make sure you click the link below to make sure you get catched up on all the action that’s been going on recently:

Isildur1 back as a winner @ PokerStars [2015-12-19]


After being seen playing over at the MicroGaming network for a pretty long time, where he started out very bad losing over 1 Million dollars, just to have a good weekend winning just over 500k$, to then end it all losing a little bit more. Sadly the MicroGaming network isn’t tracked by any site, but we did our best to keep up with the statistics and the results and did a good job with that over the weekend. Then we heard from Viktor himself that he had lost over a Million dollar just the week before, which also led to us writing about it in the blog post below:

Isildur1 stuck over a million @ Microgaming [2015-12-16]

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has in the last 48 hours played an extremely big amount of hands, just take a look at it:


During this time it has more or less been a constant roller coaster from King Blom. Starting out playing some 2-7 Triple Draw on the low 300/600 levels, and quickly moving up to play the PLO tables, here at the 100/200 tables. With the exception of a short session of Fixed Hold’em and some hands over at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, it’s been one game that Viktor has focused on:

PLO. A game that Isildur1 masters quite well, but as we know the swings are often massive in that game, especially at the 200/400 tables, and even more so if it’s tables with deep/ante on, something that has been the case for the most part during the last 48 hours, and in the beginning it looked very, very good for the amazing Swede. For some time it looked so good that he was up almost 400k$, which made all the railbirds extremely happy and i can only imagine how much it was celebrated at home in the cottages in Sweden.

People drank, cheered on, was really excited and felt that now it is something big going on, this is it. This time i know it’s the real thing, and I can’t explain how im feeling. For some time we were actually really happy over the success at the tables for Viktor, and seeing him back at the PokerStars tables just felt good, and considering it’s been some time since he played these huge sessions over at PokerStars, you might think,  “c’mon, it’s the first big session at PokerStars for some time, be easy on it.”

And yes, it was very easy to take it easy in the beginning considering how well everything went for Isildur1, how well he played, and how he crushed his opponents at the tables. Don’t get us wrong here, we do love the action, and we do love Isildur1, i think that’s pretty obvious right considering we are blogging about him without even being asked to do so. But in many ways this comeback at the PokerStars tables wasn’t all that great. Now you might think, why are you being such a negative Nancy? First you’re all like cheering and happy over seeing him back at PokerStars, and then you seem to be angry about it, why are you such a mud mixer? Come on, cheer up!

But, no. It sucks. It sucks ass from a straw. And you wanna know why? Well… where do I begin? Take a look at the graph above. Just take a look at it, and no, don’t expect us to actually describe it good enough for you to skip it, take a look at the graphs above. Now that you have taken a good strong look at it, what do you see? Well, now you have probably seen the big issue here. Why in gods name do Viktor decide to play Fixed Hold’em out of nowhere after having such success at the PLO tables? Also take a look at the time that he decided to play Fixed Hold’em, rightly after Chelsea managed to get a win for once after a good start against who? Sunderland. Yeah. And now Viktor maybe started thinking “well, my favourite team Chelsea is actually winning, this is something new, maybe i try my luck on the Fixed Hold’em tables, cause why not right? I am an old No-Limit Hold’em expert.”

But no, don’t. It’s actually just one step under playing H.O.R.S.E. It’s horrible, why would you even do such a thing? Why!? And who was the opponent in Fixed Hold’em? Yoghii, ofcourse. Yoghii eat, sleeps, drinks, and even has sex with Fixed Hold’em, why would you even take him on? There’s no reason for it, and since you spent the last couple of days playing PLO over at MicroGaming, what is the reason for this awful behavior? Even JesuslebtNOT decided to try to get a HitnRun on Isildur1 on the Fixed Hold’em table, but fortunately Viktor decided that it was enough pretty quick, and probably realized his mistake pretty quick, and left the Fixed Hold’em tables. This is ours, and Yoghii’s reaction when seeing Viktor sitting down against him at the Fixed Hold’em tables:


When you see Viktor take this kind of disastrous decisions, you sometimes wonders if he actually enjoys losing sometimes? Is he so damn good that he needs to impose losses now and then to keep up his reputation as a degenerate gambler? Perhaps it is that he wants to go down the hole again, and ask’s himselfs:


No, ofcourse you shouldn’t, are you completely mad? Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple, ofcourse he is mad, and that’s why we love him so much. That is why he is the most interesting poker player in the entire universe.

Now you might look back at the actual statistics and say “Hey, it’s just a small amount of the losses that went gone like the wind in the last 48 hours at the Fixed Hold’em tables, why are you so mad about it?” Well, one dollar lost at the Fixed Hold’em tables for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is bad enough, considering there is no reason for him to play that game, at all, especially not against Yoghii. This time he only dropped just under 100k$ at the Fixed Hold’em tables, but considering it’s just a matter of time until he get’s busted against Yoghii at the Fixed Hold’em tables, it’s bad enough, and by the way, think about this and let it sink in: If Viktor had not played Fixed Hold’em in the last 48 hours, he would still be up for these hours, it’s just simply useless.

Yoghii also made it very clear that he was prepared and ready to play Isildur1 at the Fixed Hold’em tables for as long as Viktor wanted, considering he loaded his stack up just to try and lure Viktor into believing that he would be able to take that big stack down, pack his bags and go down to the town of Ed and celebrate with his family. Therefore we ask you kindly Viktor, to stay away from Yoghii at the Fixed Hold’em tables, to keep playing the games you are in world-class at, 2-7 Triple Draw, Mixed 8-game, and Pot Limit Omaha. FLO8 is also okay, but for the love of god, don’t go back to playing H.O.R.S.E, ever. Let H.O.R.S.E and Fixed Hold’em languish in the grave, and make sure you never dig them up again. It’s simply not worth it.

And while were at it, what is H.O.R.S.E and Fixed Hold’em anyways? These games is as appealing as a fucking ooze-infested dirty fucking sewer rat shit! I’ve had more fun playing with dog turds! H.O.R.S.E is my ass and Fixed Holdem’s my balls! These games are an inside-out asshole regurgitating putrid anal fecal matter! I’d rather fucking yank all the hairs out of my scrotum! I’d rather drink diarrhea vomited out of a buffalo’s anus! It sucking fucks, it fucking sucks, it fucking blows, it’s a piece of shit… and I don’t like it, and i’m pretty sure there aren’t many railers out there who actually enjoys these limit games, and with limit games I am ofcourse not including Pot Limit Omaha, cause PLO is effing amazing, and I am ofcourse also not including 2-7 Triple Draw, considering this is the best grinding game for Viktor Blom, a game that he often uses to build the bankroll up.

Anyway. Below is some pictures from the action that went down yesterday, hopefully Viktor continues to play PLO now this Sunday so we get some winnings to report about, and hopefully he stays far away from the Fixed Hold’em and H.O.R.S.E tables.

isil4tabling isil58kpot1219 isil79kpot1219 isil80kpot1219 isil83kpot1219 isil95kpot1219 isil98kpot1219 isil99kpot1219 isil103kpot1219 isil137kpot1219 isil165kpot1219 isilquadsvsyoghii isilscops184kpot61tocum lolses62kpot1219 lolses64kpot1219 lolses79kpot1219 lolses106kpot1219 lolses106kpot1219-2 lolses113kpot1219 lolses118kpot1219 lolses146kpot1219 lolses159kpot1219 yoghiicrushesisil1219


The action was also streamed over at Twitch by our own favourite NoseDoto, he has also promised us to keep streaming when this amazing battle continues, so make sure that you tune in to his channel when the action continues, by following the following link: .

We will ofcourse keep all of you updated with what is waiting around the corner, and we hope that the PLO action continues today, considering the good form that Viktor ”Isildur1” Blom seems to be in at this very moment. Oooh, if you have never railed Isildur1, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Camlin. He said if you don’t rail, you’re going to jail. That is how Uncle Camlin ask’s you.

From all of us here I’d like to wish you happy railing…and God bless my friend.

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