Isildur1 back playing No-Limit Holdem @ MicroGaming [2015-12-21]

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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was seen back at PokerStars for the last few days, in the beginning it looked very promising considering he was up right under 400k$, however, he lost this amount and ended the session for those massive 48 hours of action with a downswing that also covered the upswing he earlier had. If you for some reason missed our earlier reports from yesterday’s action, make sure you tune in to it by clicking the link below to make sure you catch up on all the amazing action that’s been going on recently:

Isildur1 in a big roller coaster @ PokerStars [2015-12-20]

A couple of days ago we started a poll where you guys could vote your opinion regarding if you wanted more blog posts in English, or if you would like us to go back to what we started the blog with, the Swedish language. However, the votes turned in big favor for the English language, and therefore this is something that we will keep doing for the upcoming future if no changes are made. If you want to vote yourself, feel free to do so here: , we would love to hear from you.

We would also like to give a big ‘Thank you’ to every single one of you that is following and keeps on reading the blog day after day, we can see that the amount of followers on the blog who actually keeps visiting the site has been growing since we decided to make the reports in English instead of Swedish, and we are at the same time very sorry for the Swedish followers who want’s Swedish blog posts rather than the English ones, but considering the bigger part of our followers want us to provide news in English, that’s something we are going to focus on for the future.

Obviously the dream would be to see him back at the FullTiltPoker tables, but considering that the nosebleed tables over there has been removed earlier in the year we soon have to face the fact that we will never see any action over at FullTiltPoker again, and with the Amaya Group doing everything they can to make things worse for the highstakes players over at PokerStars, we are kinda worried but also excited to see what’s going to happen in 2016, like we have reported on earlier there is some significant, big, awful, purely terrible decisions that the Amaya Group has taken, which includes changes to the rakeback and other things that is going to affect the highstakes players in 2016 in a very negative way, so maybe this change to MicroGaming from Viktor is a preparation for what is waiting around the corner, but at the same time we dont see MicroGaming as a good and permanent option in the long run, the best thing that could happen is that Amaya Group decides to do something good with PokerStars in 2016, to make sure that the highstakes action stays there.

Considering the fact that FullTiltPoker is no longer an option, there is no other option except for PokerStars when it comes to a good poker network for Viktor to grind on in the long run, and even though we like to report about him playing over at MicroGaming, we don’t see MicroGaming as a permanent solution to the problem, there must be better alternatives out there for Viktor, and for us railers.

Yesterday we did also complain a little bit about the fact that he decided to play Fixed Limit-Holdem, a game that he surely is pretty good at, but there is no reason going up against the Almighty Yoghii in that game considering that he lives, breath, and loves Fixed Limit Hold-Em.

It was therefore very good news to see that Viktor decided to go back to playing No-limit Holdem, a game that he is known for being the best in the world at, or atleast that’s what he was ranked at earlier when he played that game daily. Nowadays the action has been moved to PLO and 2-7 Triple Draw for the most of the time, with the exception of an occasional 8-game, and with the exception of some awful H.O.R.S.E games vs joiso, so it makes us very happy to see Viktor back playing No-Limit Holdem, hopefully we will see him at the No-Limit Holdem tables at PokerStars soon aswell.

Viktor is now back again at MicroGaming, but not to play PLO, he is playing No-Limit Holdem. He is also waiting for action at the PLO tables over at MicroGaming, but he has decided to warm up by going back to his roots playing No Limit Holdem. Even though it’s extremely rare to see Isildur1 playing No-Limit Holdem these days, he did actually play some No-Limit Holdem at PokerStars earlier in 2015, something that we ofcourse also reported on, if you missed that you can easily find it here in the blog.


If Viktor “Isildur1” Blom had planned to play No-Limit Holdem or if he was simply tired of waiting for action at the PLO tables is unknown, but either way we are extremely happy to see him back at the No-Limit Holdem tables, and even though he haven’t put in a lot of action at that game recently, we do believe that he should still be considered one of the best players in the world at that game. You wouldn’t consider Zlatan not being one of the best footballers in the world just because he took some time off from the game right? Exactly, and exactly the same thing applies to Isildur1.

Viktor never ceases to amaze us, for that matter either, and going back to MicroGaming after just making his comeback at PokerStars was somewhat surprising, and being back at the No-Limit Holdem tables was even more surprising, but we are guessing that he just has that feeling right now that yeah, im gonna turn things around and it doesn’t matter what game I am going to play, there is only one thing that matters and that is victory, nothing more, nothing less, just pure victory, and considering Viktor has been extremely succesful over the year in his games, we feel certain that he is going to be able to accomplish a good ending to 2015 in terms of his results at the Poker tables, and we can just hope that 2016 is going to have amazing upswings like the ones we have seen over this year, over 2015. Let’s just hope the first 6 months of 2016 will be better than the first 6 months of 2015, considering his big upswing started in August this year and the first half year of 2015 wasn’t all that great from Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

He started out by sitting down at a couple of PLO tables, followed by some No-Limit Holdem tables. it didn’t take long for him to find opponents, and most of the people that was willing to play against him in a huge battle wanted heads-up only. So it started out with Viktor battling against s0nny_blacck,  but then another guy with nickname DANMERRR decided to sit down even though the first guy very clearly told him that it was heads-up action. Viktor however, couldn’t care less about if it’s a ringgame or heads-up, and accepted a 3-handed battle to start. The first guy did not want to play 3-handed and decided to sit out, which meant that Viktor then kept on playing against the second guy. Then something strange happened. A third guy joined the table, and this time the person with nickname DANMERRR told the third guy that it was heads-up, so basically he first ruined the heads-up game that was already taking place between Isildur1 and s0nny_blacck, and then told the third guy that him and Viktor were playing heads-up. Yeah, it’s kinda dumb, and that guy seems to be somewhat ignorant.


But, what we didn’t now then, was that the second guy also appeared to be extremely ignorant and also extremely disrespectful, considering that he decided to make a bet on the turn after seeing Isildur1 disconnect due to bad connection, something that Viktor also realized and made him know that he knows what he did, followed by the other guy replying that he “would have betted there anyways”. Yeah, sure, and if I had wheels i’d be a wagon, jesus christ. Then we was really hoping that Viktor was going to let these two guys battle against each other instead, because Great minds think alike, right? Why give action to these two squidwards? Then we became very happy when we realized that Viktor actually decided to close down the action between these two, and then focused on a heads-up battle against s0nny_blacck instead, thanks for that Viktor.

Even though we are working on something that will help us track these MicroGaming tables, atleast the ones that Viktor is playing on, there is no live-tracking for this action at this very moment, and therefore we have decided to provide you people with as much documentation from these battles as possible.

Below is a picture timeline from the No-Limit Holdem action that went down over at MicroGaming:

isil1mg isil1mg5

s0nny_blacCk was the opponent that Viktor focused most on. He was also the opponent that Viktor played heads-up against for a pretty decent amount of time, without anything really happening in terms of stack changes, when comparing it to the huge PLO action that Isildur1 has been involved in recently, this action is surely fun to rail, but it’s not as exciting as the massive PLO battles.

isil1mg57 isil1mg578

As you can see in the chat window in the picture above, Viktor wasn’t pleased with ifoldKQo considering he decided to try and steal the pot from Isildur1 by placing a bet just after seeing that Viktor got disconnected due to bad internet connection. It didn’t take long after this happened for Viktor to close the action against this player, something that we are very happy about, considering douchebags like these people doesn’t deserve to get any action against King Blom.


A good hand for Viktor with the pocket tens, unfortunately the other dude sits with pocket Jacks.


After missing his straight draw Viktor decides to bluff, something that failed this time.

isil1mg57887 isil1mg57887666 isil1mg57887666h isil1mg57887666h88 isil1mg57887666h888 isil1mg578876667 isil1mg5788766666

Isildur1 decided to take a flop before the flop, unfortunately s0nny_bLacCk hit his king and with the two 10s on board, Viktor had no chances here.

isil1mg5788766677 isil1mg57887666777 isil1mg57887666788 isil1mg5788766678778 isil1mg5788766678877 isil1mg5788766678778999 isil1mg57887666787789996

Viktor with a good hand, unfortunately his opponent managed to get the flush.

Then a chinese guy appeared at the tables and even though he was told it was heads-up action, he kept on playing, and it seems like Viktor then had enough of ignorant people for that time, and left the two tables he had played heads up against s0nny_blacck on earlier. Then the same ignorant guy who destroyed the action earlier was back, and even though he was told by Viktor that it was hu (heads-up) play, he decided to answer that with “3-handed”, meaning he just won the douche of the year award by a milestone. I mean, it’s only a couple of days until christmas, and this guy decides to go online and be a complete douche out of nowhere, just imagine the christmas he is going to have, wow, some people are just so sad it’s incredible.

What we have waiting around the corner is now somewhat unclear, considering he might go back to PokerStars and try his luck at the tables there, or continue to play at MicroGaming. The feeling says that he is going to continue at MicroGaming, but do so at the PLO tables against lefivoto when he comes online, but since we are talking about Isildur1 here, the mystery man, you’ll never know what his next move is going to be, and that is also why we love him so much, cause he is so special and also so good, that little rascall.


Isildur1 is now back on MicroGaming waiting for action on the PLO tables. It seems like he is done with No Limit-Holdem for the day, and considering there is other players sitting down on other 50/100 PLO tables, it seems like Viktor is waiting for one opponent and one opponent only, lefivoto. We would love to see some more No-Limit Hold Em action ofcourse but if Viktor decides to play PLO we are fine with that aswell, as long as he stays away from Yoghii at the Fixed Hold Em tables over at PokerStars. It seems like after ending the weekend pretty rough at PokerStars he has now decided to run his bankroll up at MicroGaming and we wish him all the luck in the world doing that, and we also think that it’s very likely that he is going to be able to run that bankroll up and then move back to PokerStars for another try at the 200/400 PLO tables.

With only a couple of days now left before it’s christmas it would be really nice to see a big upswing for Viktor to start the new year with, and we really hope that he is going to be able to maintain the upcoming upswing for some time, considering the last one he had only lasted for just over 24 hours, after losing back that big 400k~ upswing directly after he just got it. Hopefully he can run it up really good this time and also maintain it, but as always with Isildur1 it’s impossible to predict what is waiting around the corner, and that is also why he is so interesting and exciting as a player to follow.

Viktor doesn’t make mistakes, he just have happy accidents, but when he decides to play H.O.R.S.E or Fixed Hold Em, he is kinda stretching it a little, almost making it a huge mistake, and we really hope that he is smart enough to stay away from those tables, when there is other tables out there that fits him extremely good.

We will ofcourse keep all of you updated with what is waiting around the corner, and we hope that the PLO action continues today, considering the good form that Viktor ”Isildur1” Blom seems to be in at this very moment. Oooh, if you have never railed Isildur1, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Camlin. He said if you don’t rail, you’re going to jail. That is how Uncle Camlin ask’s you.

From all of us here I’d like to wish you happy railing…and God bless my friend.

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