Isildur1 continuing battle @ MicroGaming [2015-12-22]

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You are welcome to come up with constructive criticism, or simply thank us for a nice blog. We have also received some questions regarding something we wrote a couple of days ago, when we criticized Isildur1 for playing Fixed-Hold Em against Yoghii at PokerStars. The reason for this is is quite obvious. We simply can not See that Viktor is able to shutdown this game. Right now Isildur1 do not have those attributes, yes, he is extremely good at Hold Em, but if is going to put time down to play Hold Em, it should be the No-Limit version of it, not the Limit one, and if it is the Limit one, it shouldn’t be against Yoghii, who is probably the best Limit-Holdem player in the world, and considering that Yoghii never plays anything else than Fixed Holdem, and Viktor in the meanwhile plays all kinds of games, there is no reason for him to sit down against Yoghii and give him action, why play a game you’re a big underdog at, when you are the best player in the world in a lot of other games. Instead, put the focus towards PLO, 2-7 Triple Draw, FLO8, and No-Limit Hold Em, but stay away from the H.O.R.S.E and the Fixed Holdem tables, it’s for your own best.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been seen playing a lot over at the MicroGaming network for the last few days, after losing a big upswing of just under 400k$ over at PokerStars. It all looked very good until he decided to sit against no less than Ben “Ben86” Tollerene, and then dropped big amounts in a very short amount of time. If you for some reason missed out on our latest reports, feel free to click any of the links below to get catched up on the action that has been going on recently, we would gladly appreciate if you took your time to get catched up, so you are on the clear with what’s been going on lately for Viktor:

Isildur1 back playing No-Limit Holdem @ MicroGaming [2015-12-21]

As you can see in our update from yesterday, Isildur1 was back on MicroGaming playing No-Limit Holdem, something that was somewhat of a surprise considering he haven’t played that game that much this year, nearly none action at that game at all, with the exception of a few sessions here and there over at the PokerStars network, a network that he normally plays on.

After being seen playing No-Limit Holdem for some time, he decided to take some break, only to come back later on to play PLO, a game that he has played a lot recently, and also the game that is the main reason for his amazing upswing at PokerStars this year, an upswing we also reported on, that started in August this year, after struggling pretty much on the poker tables for the first 6 months of 2015, hopefully he get’s a better start to 2016 than what he had back in the beginning of this year.

Sadly, like we have mentioned before, there is no current live-tracking for MicroGaming, and HighstakesDB doesn’t cover it either, so we do our best to keep up with the scores but considering we can’t do that manually all the time, we have worked on something that hopefully will help us keep track of the scores in the future. This tracker is still in development, but it’s already been tried and it’s working. There is only a few things left to adjust in it and soon we will be able to give you accurate scores of the action over at MicroGaming.

78789789 567567567567 768678678678 876786678678 890908890890 7876867678678 8767886767886 89879879897789 89789879789798789

As can be seen on the pictures above, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom decided to end the session with sitting down at the No-Limit Holdem tables once again, sadly things didn’t go as expected, and as can be seen on the pictures, DANMERRR sit’s on some pretty big stacks if you compare his stacks to the stacks Viktor sits with. We really hope that Viktor can recover from this and come back stronger than ever before, because we wouldn’t want him to end 2015 with a downswing, that’s never a good way to end the year.

It’s also pretty sad that he had such a good thing going on the PLO tables, and then after the action was over he had no action at all for a couple of hours, and then moving on to the No-Limit Holdem tables perhaps wasn’t such a good decision, but the good thing in this downswing at the No-Limit Holdem tables is that Viktor is back training the game that he became famous in, the game that he once was considered the best player in the world at, and we are pretty certain that if he puts in the time needed in the game, he can become the best No-Limit Holdem once again, cause like Luke “FullFlush” Schwartz once said, how much of an edge can Doug “WCGRider” Polk really have?


It is still a little bit unclear if Viktor is playing at MicroGaming only to grind, or only because he simply is bored of PokerStars. Considering the fact that he had over 200k at the tables he sat down at yesterday at MicroGaming, were suggesting it might not be such a bad idea to move that cash over to PokerStars instead and grind it up there? Maybe he wants to grind it up real good at MicroGaming before going over to PokerStars, and if he is planning on playing 200/400 PLO against Ben86 or Cumicon (or maybe even Sauce123) he might need to build up a good roll again at MicroGaming before transferring it over to PokerStars, because the buyins at the 200/400 PLO with deep/ante requires a pretty hefty sum on the account to be able to keep playing after losing a couple buy-ins, so maybe this is what Viktor is doing at this very moment, building it up at MicroGaming.

Things looked so good last session after the PLO battles, but then after he decided to play No-Limit Holdem again most of it went back to his opponents anyways. We really hope that there is more action now waiting around the corner before Christmas arrives, what does Santa Blom have to offer us railbirds this year?


Ho-Ho-Ho, do we have any happy railers here? Kappa.

Therefore, we will wait to go out with updated scores, and let yourselves get your own idea of how things have gone based on the picture timeline from the action that has been going on recently.

999x and onetime1 were the main opponents after Viktor’s comeback yesterday, and ofcourse it was back at the 50/100 PLO tables at MicroGaming that was the main focus. Based on the pictures below, Isildur1 did really well for the bigger part of the battle, sitting with over 100k£ and over 70k£ at the other table, the action went down in form of 3-way 3-tabled action for the most of the time, but it didn’t take long for big names such as “kittykatmeow” and others to join in on the action.

We will ofcourse keep all of you updated with what is waiting around the corner, and we hope that the PLO action continues today, considering the good form that Viktor ”Isildur1” Blom seems to be in at this very moment. Oooh, if you have never railed Isildur1, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Camlin. He said if you don’t rail, you’re going to jail. That is how Uncle Camlin ask’s you.

From all of us here I’d like to wish you happy railing…and God bless my friend


  1. Men vafan Viktor! No Limit Holdem? va fan

    1. Author

      Det är dags för en comeback i No-Limit Holdem ja!
      God jul!

  2. Author

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    Ha tålamod så kommer du snart se att din kommentar kommer att synas i kommentarsfältet nedan. / Admin)

  3. Tack tack för uppdateringarna, god jul

    1. Author

      Mycket bra, bataljen fortsätter just nu på MicroGaming, mycket nöje!
      God jul!

  4. greetings from Norway 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    1. Author

      Thank you arabbrun!
      God jul!

  5. merry xmas my freind.. thanks 4 ya time .. humbis1 railer..

    1. Author

      Thank you Humbis, you are very welcome.
      God jul!

  6. Very GTO to play NLHE Isildur1

    1. Author

      Yes, the GTO-master Blom!
      God jul!

  7. Love the updates, keep it up gringo

    1. Author

      Thank you Camlin’s aunt!
      God jul!

  8. Kung Viktor blom The master from The sweden

    1. Author

      Yes indeed Janne!
      God jul!

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