Isildur1 against the world – The year 2015 [2015-12-27]

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To get you in the mood before you start reading the article, we encourage you to once again watch this Legendary video.

It is not created by us, but it is so great that we simply have to start the article with it. It also gives a good picture of Viktor, and what he actually goes for.










Viktor is the danger man, be catious, avoid playing against him, or you might end up in a hazard.

It has in many ways been a great year for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

We are enormously grateful that we have had the opportunity and honor to follow it all, and also report on it.

Further down in the article you will find a lot of text, but also a lot of photos. The article consists of more than 7500 words, which actually isn’t that much, considering we average around 1500 words per blog post here on the blog, and we have even tried to scale it down as much as possible. But how much can you really scale down on Viktor Blom?

Everything doesn’t have to be standard, and given that the blog is about the world’s best poker players, there is no need to strip down on things, there is no reason to simply write summaries, you have to get the big picture, otherwise we would devote to something other than writing about the world’s best Poker player in the world.






The year 2015 has been a massive year for Viktor, and the last six months have been very positive. We feel that the first 6 months of the year has been so bad, that we have taken the decision not to talk anything about that in detail, and instead focus on everything positive that’s been going on this year. It is worth noting that this is only our own perceptions and opinions, much of it is deadly serious, but there are also a lot of content here in the text that should be taken with a pinch of salt, and we hope we do not get any hitman’s after us in connection with this publication. At the bottom of the article you will also find a blacklist, it is, however, extremely serious, and there is nothing in the world that can get us to move any player out from this blacklist. Except for one person who is in it, but given that he doesn’t seem to want to lift a finger to become a better person, he will most likely remain there. With that said, we hope that you find joy and entertainment of this article, and we also look forward to all the negative criticism we will have on the community TwoPlusTwo, you are more than welcome. However, we would appreciate it if you try to keep the criticism constructive, it becomes so ridiculous otherwise, and we are after all human adults, at least we can hope that, given that it is poker we’re talking about.

We will go into depth on the biggest opponents that Viktor has, and we hope that you understand that much is written with tongue in cheek, although it is also very serious in many different ways.

We also want to thank Victor for his streaming on Twitch together with Unibet earlier this year. It was amazing to see and we are many that are extremely thankful for that. The dream had obviously been to watch live streamed high stakes action, but we do believe that Unibet made the best out of the situation and simply did the best they could for us to be entertained. So again, thank you very much Viktor for doing that, and also thanks to Unibet who made it all possible.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been taking some time off since Christmas, and hopefully the action is back very soon, but in the meantime we will look closely at the players he normally play against, and how he actually performs against these players, together with those players strengths and weaknesses when it comes to battling Viktor at the tables. We will focus on the games that Viktor mostly play, and will look at whether it is a good idea to  battle against a specific player in a certain game. Considering that Isildur1 mostly plays 2-7 Triple Draw, PLO, and now in the most recent days also NLHE, it is these games we will focus on. Let’s start with perhaps the dullest game of them all:

2-7 Triple Draw.

Steven ‘Zugwat‘ Silverman.


Steven is a very bright man, a very careful man.  He isn’t playing very often, but when he does, it’s normally at the higher stakes tables on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. If you sit on the highest mountains, waiting, sooner or later Viktor is going to battle against you, that’s just facts, and that was exactly what happened in 2015. There have been a number of huge battles between the two throughout the year, and although you obviously want Isildur1 to win against him, we still cannot help loving Good Ol’ Zugwat. He has always been a man who showed respect for Viktor, and there has never been any disputes between the two, clean and nice games quite easily. Some of the battles during the last six months have been enormous, so enormous that we have reported about it earlier this year.


One of the battles was a marathon battle that lasted over 15 hours, without any of the two actually taking any real breaks, except for a few minutes break every now and then. Feel free to check back on our previous reports by following by clicking here. It’s very hard to point out something specific, when it comes to direct weaknesses in Zugwat’s game, but when he plays against Viktor there is always this feeling that Isildur1 is going to end the battle with a win. What creates this feeling is somewhat unclear, but we hope that we can explain it a little better when we have taken up the other opponents that Viktor usually plays against, because then we have something to compare with. The strengths that he possesses is in many ways also the same strengths that Viktor has, especially when it comes to keeping the mood and the game up for a long time, without letting the current results of the match affect his mood, or his game too much. Since we do not have any direct weaknesses to point out here, we will not go into Zugwat in more detail, but we summarize it all by saying that Viktor is the better player here, and should win against Zugwat whether it be a short or a long battle on the Poker tables.


SanIker. SanIker is one of the absolute best players in the world, and there isn’t many players that are willing to give him action, much given that he is just one of the absolute best, but as we all know, this isn’t something that stops Viktor from playing against the best in the world, perhaps because he himself actually sits on the throne, and then it would be strange if you are not at war with those who were there just below you. Viktor has played much against saniker during the past year, and if you want to read more in-depth detail about their battles, you can click here.  Given that he has been involved actually in all the upswings that Viktor had in 2015, we think you would really like to read about it, so feel free to click the link below and look back on the action that has been going on against SanIker.

When it comes to direct weaknesses in SanIkers play, and now we mean of course in 2-7 Triple Draw, there isn’t really anything to put the finger on, or anything to complain about, at all. He himself has said several times during the year that Viktor is too good for him. This is not something we agree with. This despite the fact that this is a blog about just Isildur1, and despite the fact that we seriously believe that Viktor is the best in the world of poker. Saniker is one of, if not the best in the world in 2-7 Triple Draw, maybe he shares the throne along with Isildur1, perhaps he is even better. A huge strength saniker possesses is that he does not seem to tilt at all, and that he has the ability to get back in games where it’s been going bad for a very long time. This is also something that Viktor has had to experience when playing against him, something which you also can read in more detail about by following the link above. That SanIker are among the best in the world in 2-7 triple draw is no direct coincidence, he’s fuckin German. And as anyone who is interested in the game knows, the Germans have an extreme ability to work together and come up with the best solutions in this particular game, and with this we will now shift over to another German.

Yes, you heard right, now it is again a German who we mention.

Sebastian ‘Taktloss47‘ Ruthenberg, and just as one can see in his name, he is ruthless.


His primarily focus in 2015 has been in 2-7 Triple Draw, but he is not exactly a spring chicken in games such as NLHE and PLO, considering these are the games he used to play, but after sharing a caravan with a bunch of other Germans in a few months, working on the best ways to crush the 2-7 Triple Draw, He was then ready to play at the very highest levels of the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Viktor gladly accepted to play against him, and he also gladly destroyed him in many of the games they played. When it comes to direct weaknesses in Sebastian’s 2-7 Triple Draw game, there really isn’t any. This has probably a lot to do with him being German, and considering he cooperated with a lot of other Germans who all had the same goal, it’s not particularly strange that they are all clean copies of each other.

One can almost actually equate it with the same players playing in the same network at the same time, but this is obviously not allowed, so instead the Germans came with the brilliant idea that they would all teach each other to become the best in the game, and then they can cooperate in a legal way to completely destroy the fun of the game and destroy the whole thing, something that they have been very successful with. However, Sebastian is not at all at the same level as SanIker, and Sebastian is a German that we don’t have any problems with Viktor playing against, because we firmly believe that Viktor is stronger and better than taktloss47 at 2-7 Triple Draw. Considering that the action at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables in 2015 mostly have been against the Germans, there is obviously also a lot of information about it here on the blog. If you want, you can click here, and you will be shown previous posts in which Sebastian has been mentioned in. Sebastian’s knowledge of 2-7 Triple Draw only has arisen as a result of studying the game for a long time together with other German’s, and because of this we don’t have any problems with Viktor facing him in that game in the future, Viktor is simply a better 2-7 Triple Draw player than Sebastian.


 bbvisbadforme. Yes, considering that both the first and last name is unknown, and given that it is all extremely suspicious, you guessed it right. Yep, another German. Of course, what else?

When you sense that something is not quite right in the Poker world, you can usually narrow it down to 2 reasons. The first one is the most obvious one, Brian Hastings. He is not exactly known for being God’s best children, and he probably has more double accounts than Donald Trump has toupees. So either this is Brian Hastings connected to any server in Germany, or it’s something else, something that is more likely, yep, another German. bbvisbadforme is a huge winner in 2015 at the 2-7 Triple Draw table, and considering that he is nowhere to be seen nowadays, one can simply assume that he will never come back either. One can only imagine how tired the poker world are at these Germans, and there is really only one person in the world who look favorably on the whole spectacle, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. bbvisbadforme disappeared already in the beginning of the year, and given that there was not much more action against this particular opponent for Viktor this year.

Cort ‘thecortster‘ Kibler-Melby.


Thecortster is not exactly a newly added player like these Germans, he is, rather, one of the few really old school players left out there. Cort is considered to be one of the best 2-7 Triple Draw players in the world, and if there is any player in the world who deserves that title except for Isildur1 and SanIker, there is no one better than thecortster to point out as the biggest favorite of all the remaining players.

Given that Viktor played enormously much during the year, and since a lot of the action in 2015 has been on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, it has obviously also been a lot of battles between Viktor and Cort. If you want to read more about our previous reports that included thecortster, feel free to click here to get caught up on the earlier action this year between the two. When it comes to weaknesses, Cort simply doesn’t do weak. He is strong, strong like a buffalo in Minnesota. Strong as Michael Jordan on a basketball court, simply strong as an ox. However, this has not stopped Viktor from playing endless battles against him, and we think that you will find enjoyment in looking back at our previous reports including battles against him.



There has been no battle this year for Isildur1 against thecortster where Viktor in a simply manner and very easily ended the battle as a winner. There have been huge swings, and many hours of work at the tables. Cort has not hesitated to play long sessions against Isildur1, and likewise when it comes to Isildur1 willing to play extremely long sessions against thecortster. Cort and SanIker are the top dogs in 2-7 Triple Draw together with Isildur1 and a few others, and it’s no wonder that thecortster never plays against sanIker, simply because you always want to find opponents that you might have an edge against, Except if your name is Viktor Blom, Then, it has little or no meaning at all who you are, Then there’s only one thing that counts, and there is nothing that will stop me from completely destroying you. However, Viktor hasn’t really crushed thecortster this year, but hopefully this is something that Viktor can do in the future. 

Now we think we have mentioned the most important opponents in the 2-7 Triple Draw game, and now it’s time to go over to the game that is the most fun railing.

PLO, short for Pot-Limit Omaha.

PLO, however, is played by so very many players, so it’s been a little difficult to pick out just a few opponents to mention in this article, but we have done our best to bring the biggest names only, precisely because we wouldn’t want the list to be too long. Of course, it happens that Viktor plays on the slightly lower levels, but here we have decided to look closer on the opponents that Viktor plays mostly at the highest stakes at the PLO tables, 100/200 and 200/400, and the only right thing to do here is to start with the person who is perhaps the world’s best PLO player in the entire world.

Ben ‘Ben86′ Tollerene.


No one can really argue against the fact that Ben is one of the best PLO players in the world, if not the absolute best. He has gone out with himself that he considers himself to be perhaps the best in the world in PLO, and we really can’t do anything else than simply agreeing with him. Ben sees himself as the Top Dog in PLO, and he has also called himself the “End Boss” for Isildur1 when it comes to opponents at the PLO tables, and this is also something that we only can agree on. It has very often looked exactly that way in 2015 for Isildur1.

He has fought a major roll against other opponents mainly in other games, and then tried his luck and skills against no other than Tollerene himself. While Viktor works on building up his roll against other players, Ben himself is often seen just chilling there, waiting for Isildur1 to sooner or later sit down against him for some huge PLO action, and there is really nothing strange about this at all, given that the other top PLO players do everything they can to avoid giving action to Ben Tollerene. Mentioning the word weaknesses in the same sentence as Ben Toll would have just been pure misconduct, and although we obviously hope that Viktor will crush you in the future, we would like to thank you for the huge action you contributed in connection with that you played a lot against Isildur1 during 2015.

You may not be the most lovable player of your opponents given that they are so scared of you, and there have been moments during the year when you have been completely away from poker, something we also took up with Joe Ingram and even he agreed that it was strange that you were not present in the poker scene for quite some time, something which also led to Joe sending out a wanted poster for you on Twitter. Luckily, you came back quickly, unfortunately for us it has gone well for you against Viktor, but we still feel a great respect for you as a person and as a player, and it always seems to be a good atmosphere between you and Viktor when you are playing, and for this we thank you. There isn’t really much more to say about Ben Tollerene, he is simply a brilliant guy, who deserves to be considered one of the best, if not the best, PLO player in the world. This of course with the exception of the King himself, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Ben has even said it himself, if Viktor would have had the same approach as him to the game, he would have had all the money, and Tollerene are also hugely impressed by Viktor’s ability to vary his game, and above all, his ability to take in information, make the best of it and also learn new games.






However, we do see a lot of similarities between Ben Tollerene and Viktor Blom. They are both players that absolutely loves to compete, with the only big difference between the two being that Viktor are more inclined to play even more, no matter what the consequences might be of the session when it’s over. It is very unlikely that Ben would play until everything was gone, this is not something that Viktor is especially afraid of, and there are two different explanations for this. One of them being the obvious one: Isildur1 is sometimes a little bit degen, and Ben has also talked about this topic many years ago with HighstakesDB in an interview, where he says the he thinks the biggest weakness in Viktors game is just that, that he is somewhat of a degen sometimes. However, this is one of the reasons to why Viktor is so beloved around the world, precisely because he is very unpredictable, because he is so magnificent, entertaining and extremely talented.

If Viktor would decide to devote himself to No-Limit Holdem as much as he did back in the days, and if Ben Tollerene did the same,  we have no doubt that Viktor is the favorite in that battle, but when it comes to PLO, Ben has no direct weaknesses at all, and given that he is already sitting on the Golden Throne on the PLO tables, it’s very hard to take that Golden Throne away from him, no matter how hard you prepare for a battle against him. Ben Tollerene simply doesn’t seem to tilt in any form or way either, and then it becomes even more difficult to try and crush him.

He also mentions this in more detail in Joe Ingram’s podcast, if you have missed out on that one we strongly recommend you to click here, it will absolutely be worth your time and you will absolutely love it.

Ben also mentions that he were massively impressed by Isildur1 when he started playing 2-7 Triple Draw, that he could, just out of nowhere, sit down on the highest tables and completely crush his opponents at the highest stakes possible in 2-7 Triple Draw. Ben’s self-doubts that he himself would manage it, and he also says in the pod that Viktor is the person he’d put his money on if it came out a completely new game where everyone had the same opportunities to learn it, and then become as good as possible at it, and this is after all some very good praises being sent towards King Blom, something that we are obviously very happy for, and we hope that Viktor himself is happy about that.

Although we obviously want Viktor to win against Ben86, the only thing we really can say about Ben in all honesty, is that he probably had a slight edge against Isildur1 when it comes to PLO, it is a constant challenge for Viktor from the beginning of a battle against Ben86 until the very end, and we believe that Viktor also gets triggered by this, because Viktor is really not like any other Poker player you see out there today. When it comes to Highstakes players and the ones at the very top, they are always looking for one thing, and one thing only: Edge’s. Most of them need to feel that they have an edge against the opponent that wants action against them otherwise it’s basically no reason to play against them. 

Ben is a brilliant guy, and he deserves all the respect and love that he gets. He seems never directly pressured when he plays, no pressure at all. It’s like he has told himself before he sits down against Isildur1:

“No pressure. Just relax and watch it happen.”

Ben’s like water. He’s lazy. Boy, he always looks for the easiest way to do things, and he is also very successful in what he does, and no one can take that away from him.

Unless you are Viktor Blom, then it is less important who you are, you’ll be crushed in any case and don’t you even dare to leave the session before it’s really GG, and please stay away from those minimum bets. 

Ironic enough, we will not leave Ben aside entirely when we go over to the next player, the explanation for this, you will get directly below.

Ben ‘Sauce123‘ Sulsky.


Just like when we described the other Ben, one can not really argue with the fact that also this Ben simply is one of the best PLO players in the world, and also one of those who get the absolute minimum action. Here, the explanation is actually the same as it is for the other Ben, ut probably it is so ben86 is a bit sharper than the Sulsky one. Ben Sulsky has his tremendous skill and feel for the game, and there are not many who are willing to give him action. If you are not named Viktor Blom, then there are no limits,  then there is no resistance that is too difficult to encounter.

There has been a lot of action between Sauce123 and Isildur1 during 2015, feel free to click the link here to read more about all of the enormous action that’s been going on between the two during the year.



There have been days when it has gone really bad for Viktor against Sauce during the year, but there have also been some bright spots, which includes a session where Isildur1 won over half a million dollars against Sauce123 in PLO. Sauce also has a very clear weakness in his game, specifically when it comes to playing against Isildur1. If it’s gone a little worse for him for some time at the table against Isildur1, it feels like he get’s so astounded by Viktor outplaying him, that it sometimes looks like he is starting to get tilted. However, he has no problem with interrupting the game in advance, before everything goes to hell, something we obviously think is a bit disappointing given that we want to see as large profits as possible for Isildur1, and a tilted Ben Sulsky is a good Ben for us, and a good Ben for Isildur1. There isn’t really much more to say about Ben Sulsky, much given that he has very strong similarities with his nemesis Ben86, and with the exception that most people would rather play against Sulsky rather than playing against Tollerene, there is not much that separates them, if anything, it would be that Tollerene has a pet seal in his apartment, and we hope that he will not get a visitation from PETA in his home. Finally, for Sulsky, so we simply want to thank you for giving action to Viktor, sooner or later you will regret it, but it’s great that you dare to face the King in a fight.

Ike ‘IkeHaxton‘ Haxton.


It wouldn’t have been the real deal if we had not included Ike in this article. Ike is a superstar, it is indisputable.

Ike is magnificent, Ike is fantastic, but he is not a godsend. He’s not a talent in the same way as many other Highstakes professionals. For us, Haxton is a trained product, while Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is a pure talent. Ben86 in turn is something in between. Viktor is the typical example of the genius who just opens up his laptop and starts playing, without any other direct preparation, tools, huds, or other things to help him out on the way,  in addition to his extreme talent. For Ike Haxton we feel the exact opposite, where it feels like the thinking goes something like this: I’d rather use 10 tools to help me out on my way, rather than no tools at all. In this case, it is a fact that it is rumored that Ike has a GTO machine, a dream machine that helps him make his choices on the poker tables. This may be seen as a myth, kinda like the story behind the Lochness Monster, but this is actually true. It is no news that Haxton is a real hacker when it comes to stuff like this, he has even gone out with it himself.




Because of this, we feel no direct love for Ike, but we don’t have any hatred towards him either. He has always behaved respectably and mature on the tables, and will not fold an inch when he started a battle, and he fulfills his promises. He is simply a man you can trust, one that gets the job done. We don’t jump out of excitement when we see Isildur1 sitting down against Ike, but we aren’t against it either. Viktor knows of course that he plays against both the genius Ike, and Ike the GTO-machine, and it seems that Viktor is okay with this, and why would he not be? Viktor has spent a big part of his poker career playing practically against perhaps the worst of them all, Brian Hastings, and in comparison with him, Ike is a nice guy, with or without his programs.

Isildur1 has played a lot against Haxton during 2015, feel free to click here to read more about the battles between Viktor and Ike.

Sean ‘WithColor‘ Rafael.


Now perhaps some of you hardcore railers are saying “What, Viktor has barely played against Sean throughout his poker career, why is he being brought up here?”

Well, the answer is extremely simple. As the dedicated railers many of us are, the action that went on between Isildur1 and Sean during 2015 has been one of the best, and most exciting action that we have ever seen when it comes to seeing Viktor fighting on the Poker tables. It was so massive, that Viktor one day won over a million dollars, solely based on wins against Sean.


The graph above shows Viktors huge success against WithColor in just one 8 hours of action.


The action was so massive and interesting, that even Joe Ingram had to throw the protein shakes away for a moment, and start upp that beloved livestream of his.

We believe today that Joe Ingram is the world’s best streamer when it comes to streaming Isildur1, and we really hope we get to see more streams in 2016, We respect, and appreciate you enormously, papi.  You also have contributed enormously to the world with your magnificent podcasts, and we hope for many podcasts also in 2016.


The action continued for several days, and this was epic action that we frankly never seen before from Sean. Sean is also the person behind the username Doorbread at FullTiltPoker, and the two have played some amazing battles over at FullTiltPoker earlier in the year as well, but it was at the PokerStars that it became really massive after the huge swings that went down.

If you for some reason have missed out on that action, we strongly advice you to click the link here,  to dig deeper into the extreme action that went down between the two. It was amazing. We have not much more to say about Sean really, more than that we have great respect for him, given that he dared to try his luck against Isildur1, unfortunately for him, he got a taste of gravel in the mouth, but never look down on someone who at least give it a try.

Jens ‘Jeans89‘ Kyllönen.


With a graph that makes Mount Everest look like pebbles, one can not create an article like this one and not include this guy.

He has never really had to encounter any downswings in his entire career online over at PokerStars, actually, there is no downswing worth talking about in his entire graph, starting back in 2011 until now, 2015.


He made the transititon to PLO many years ago and has never really looked back since. He is also avoiding Ben86 like Donald Trump avoided military service, and and although he has played a lot in recent years with huge success, it feels like he is very careful about which games he chooses to play. We even asked him just recently if he would be willing to play a larger heads-up match against none other than Viktor himself, something that it seems that Jens at least in the current situation respectfully declines, and it feels like he has great respect for Viktor and his ability to crush his opponents. Sure, they have been involved in huge pots against each other, but those times it has usually been in cash games along with a ring of other players, something that actually shows that Jens, maybe,  simply doesn’t see any immediate value in playing heads-up against Viktor, and instead want to play against him in the ring game. There isn’t really much more to say about the wonderkid with the name Jens Kyllönen.


Jens also has some similarities with the play we will mention next, they are both from the same country, finland, they are both really good at poker, but with a pretty big difference between the two, namely that Jens is perhaps a little more cautious when it comes to drinking alcohol in connection with his gambling, but there is not much that separates the two in between when it comes to skill and knowledge in poker, although Jens might have a little better table manner than the other Finnish wonderkid we’re about to mention next. They both also have a lot of similarities in their game, perhaps is it that dad Ilari has taught the kid to play? Who knows?

Ilari ‘IlariFIN‘ Sahamies.


Yep, you guessed it, Ilari fucking Sahamies.

Lähettii pämppää pistettiin lääväks pari kämppää.

If there ever will be an official Poker Hall Of Fame, Ilari Sahamies has to be put up right on top there together with Isildur1, and Ilari is probably the player who has been absolutely the most fun to follow, and he is probably one of the best opponents to Isildur1 during the years, much given that he has not been afraid to gamble, and that he is simply an extremely fun figure, a nice guy in the schoolyard simply put. He also has some similarities with the King himself. A small beer, or two, or 10, does not affect the game significantly, and it is okay to play poker, despite having some alcohol in the blood. Ilari is so good at PLO that he could win even if he played without looking at the cards, He is also one of those players that you just simply can not imagine sitting there with these HUD’s up and running, doing some calculations on the side before making his decisions, Ilari doesn’t need that shit, all he needs is his mastermind brain, some Lapin Kulta, and he is ready to go. He has contributed so very much joy to poker that he simply is worthy to receive the designation, “the funniest player in the world”.

Ilari’s profile over at HighstakesDB pretty much sums up why he is so amazing:

“When it comes to table chat, Sahamies has a style of his own, there are several threads on forums dedicated to his comments. Some of them might appear rude, but according to Ilari they are just jokes. One of the most famous is:

Luck123: Hi everyone smiley
Ziigmund: f u luck”







That line alone is funnier than any stand-up show ever made by Eddie Murphy. Ilari is simply so amazing, that there aren’t good enough words out there to describe him, and he has played so much against Isildur1 throughout the years, and there has never been any bad blood between the two. Here we see two clear weaknesses in Ilaris otherwise flawless game, gambling while intoxicated, and a pretty bad tilt management, other then that, but that what’s makes him so funny, and a good laugh makes life longer, so thanks for that Ilari.

Alexander Joiso Kostritsyn


Now we are in Russia. Now we drink vodka, nah, im just kidding.

Although the Russians often are considered downright crazy and extreme fishes at the Poker tables, this is not something you can say about Alexander. Alexander is one of the world’s best poker players, He is, however, a bit of a coward in many ways. Sure, he has played a lot against Isildur1 in his days, and we do of course respect him due to the fact that he dares to go up in the ring against the world’s best player, Viktor Blom. But he has his demands, and if Viktor doesn’t accept these terms, then there will be no action either. Alexander has explicitly asked Viktor to meet him in 8-game several times, but then it is not a traditional 8 game we’re talking about, its 8-game A’la Alexander. It’s 8 game without the games that Viktor is the absolute best at, only because Alexander needs to feel that he has an egde against his opponent, otherwise, he turns his cloak to the wind and runs down the sewers like a sewer rat.



Unfortunately, he managed to lure Viktor into the trap earlier in the year, and succeeded in some magic way to get Viktor to agree to play the nightmare game against him, H.O.R.S.E. Short explained that game is a mix of of mostly boring and dull Limit Games, a mix of shit simply put. Of course we covered the H.O.R.S.E action here in the blog, and if you feel like reading more in detail about that, feel free to click here to go there. but we warn you, it’s not pleasant reading, and also no nice results for Viktor Blom. We’ve also gone into some depth regarding why we think Viktor played H.O.R.S.E just out of nowhere this year, and if you want to learn more about that, please click the link here. Finally, we just want to say that  we have respect for you Alexander, you’ve always kept good manners at the table and shown respect for Viktor, and it is up to Viktor to either say no to your special matches or to agree to your terms.


The new kid on the block, a player who’s identity is unknown. In comparation to most other Highstakes pro’s, Cumicon was seen on PokerStars for the first time at the big tables in just 3 years ago in 2012. He has elected not having his results showed on HighstakesDB, but it is rumored that he had enormous success at the poker tables, especially in PLO. With the exception of some ZOOM PLO, and PLO at the lower stakes, the same thing applies for Cumicon as it does to the Ben Brothers. He doesn’t get much action unless Viktor is on. It is rumored that cumicon is the new rising star in PLO, he might even be the best in the world right now according to some people. These rumors hasn’t stopped Isildur1 from giving him action (like always), and that has led to some extreme battles between the two, something that we of course has covered up here in the blog. Feel free to click the link here to read about all the creamy, premium action that’s been going on during the year between Isildur and Cumicon. There is not much more to say about cumicon, he has no direct weaknesses, maybe not so strange if you are considered one of the best in the world. We do not see him as a better player than isildur1 in PLO, since we believe that Viktor is one of the best in the world, if not the absolute best in PLO right now, or at least has been in the past year.


Jay-P-AA is a mystery man in many ways. His identity is unknown to the public, what isn’t unknown to the public however is his extreme love and skill in the PLO game. JayP-AA is without a doubt one of the best PLO players in the world, and the same thing applies for him as for Ben86, Sauce123, Ike Haxton and the other top players in the game, they don’t get much action. With his extremely good results, one can not avoid taking with him in this kind of list. Since his identity is unknown, there sadly isn’t any picture of him for us to show you guys here, but one thing is for certain, JayP-AA is a new kid on the block, and this kid is here to stay. This kid is here to crush, and even though he gives Viktor action from time to time, he is not the guy we want Viktor to play the most against, considering his extreme knowledge and skill for the game. But since that Viktor himself is the best in the world, maybe it is less important who the opponent is. Isildur1 has also had some extremely bad sessions against this mystery man, and when both Isildur1 and JayP-AA sits on the same table, everything goes lightning fast, one time so fast that Viktor in September this year once lost over 600k, in under 90 minutes, without there being any actually extremely large pots out there. What does this mean? Well, it means that JayP-AA is extremely dangerous, but like we always say, you need the dark in order to show the light, and sooner or later JayP-AA is gonna get in trouble, He will soon get to feel the anger of Viktor’s wrath and his fist right in the face, because like every single one of you little rascalls out there reading this blog, you know, we know, that Viktor, is the man.


FLO8, 8-Game, H.O.R.S.E, Fixed-Holdem

Viktor’s interest in poker, however, has its downsides. Isildur1 craves so much action, that he is almost willing to go up against anybody, in any game out there, and if he haven’t played for a while, and with Viktor a long time can mean 2 hours without any action, and it is also here that he often slips. It is often here that he takes the disastrous decisions. Obviously, if Viktor had not loved the game so much and played against anyone, we had not loved him as much as we do today. And for that we salute you Isildur1, for that we love you, for that we praise you, but in all honesty there is nothing positive for your bankroll, we need to act with realism here and to see the facts for what they are.

Flo8 & Ravenswood13.

Well, where do we begin? Ravenswood13, maybe mostly known under his earlier nickname on FullTiltPoker, Carloooo13, is also a pure legend in the game.

What is there to say about this little rascal? Really not much at all, except that at least he previously stood ready to receive Viktor in the ring, day in, and day out. One of our best memories from railing Isildur1 derives also from a battle against precisely this man, against precisely this little rascal. We had actually missed the beginning of this extraordinary battle that went down one day, and im pretty sure we don’t need to put any timestamp out there from the time of the action, for those of you out there who have seen it, you also know exactly what we’re talking about. We are talking of course about that day on Full Tilt Poker, where they both played flo8, and Viktor was working himself up to a stack of of 996k$, yep, that’s 4k short of a MILLION dollar, in one session, in FLO8. That’s insane.

We also wrote about this event in the blog this earlier but then in Swedish, and it’s one of the best memories out there, when it comes to memories from railing Isildur1 in his hunt for new millions for his travel funds. Viktor didn’t manage to get those last 4k to make it 1M$ on the table, but he managed at least to entertain all of us rascalls that follows him and his achievements. The two have played a lot with each other even at PokerStars, but nothing that is directly comparable with the enormous action that went down on the FullTiltPoker tables. Since then, Ravenswood12 has taken it a bit easier on the tables, it is not the same old guy we see today, and the feeling is that we will never get to see battles like those of the past, in the future between Isildur1 and Ravenswood13.

8-Game & Michael “Chaoren160” Thuritz.


Michael is a Legend, simply a Legend.  There’s a lot to say about this legend, but we do not have time right now, but simplifies it all by simply describe him in one word: A complete Legend. When it comes to his strengths and weaknesses in the game against Isildur1, there’s really not that much to say, more than that the two are very even when it comes to 8-game, and 8-game is also the game the two have played most of the time against each other, and like the game itself is named, Mixed 8-game, mixed is also what the results have looked like. Some days it’s been really good for Michael, some days extremely good for Viktor.



Michael has also received favorable reviews from none other than just Phil Ivey, who at least previously considered him to be the absolute best 8-game player in the world, and Phil Ivey is the person we will take up next, and we understand at the same time why he believes that Michael is the best in the world in 8-game, his skills speaks for themselves, His strengths are clear, and he is an extremely dangerous opponent.

Outside the poker world, many do not know who he is, but inside the gates, most players harbours enormous respect for Michael, and we understand why.

Phil “RaiseOnce” Ivey.


What can one say about Phil Ivey that hasn’t already been said? What can you lift up about him in terms of the qualities he possesses,that is not already known by people in general? Actually nothing, and Phil is the only player in poker that is also very well known by people that doesn’t play the game themselves, and this in a fairly high degree. Phil is considered by many as the best poker player in the world, This, we agree with to some extent, but mainly when it is directed at live poker, and there’s something about him that still means that many are willing to give him action. You wont see Phil ivey sitting down at a PLO table online without it very quickly being filled with opponents, but if he sits down at an 8-game table, it’s very unlikely that he will get action from more players than just Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. In connection with Viktor’s enormous success this year, it has also been rumored that some extreme x-booked 8-game action has been taking place between Viktor and Phil. This is also something that we reported on earlier in this blog, so please click the link here to read more about it.



Joe ‘Chicagojoey’ Ingram


Although Joey himself does not directly play against Viktor, we can not fail to mention him in this article, he has meant so much for us, and for the Poker world as a whole.

When it comes to the knowledge of the funniest poker game, being PLO, there are not many people in the world that can compete with the mighty Joe Ingram. His knowledge of the game is extreme, and his ability to interview the poker players in an interesting and constructive way, is mindblowing. Even the trolls on the forum TwoPlusTwo love him, and if that isn’t a sign of success, we don’t know what is. There’s really not much more to say about Joe besides the fact that he is a wonderful person, and he’s obviously good at much more than picking up the women, even if that might actually be his absolute best skill, and when it comes to wingmans, you can’t simply get a better wingman than Joe Ingram, he is the master when it comes to dealing with the ladies, and he is The King when it comes to getting the women to feel valued and loved.

If for some reason you missed the live streams and the podcasts Joe has been doing over the years, mainly in 2015, you have to look in on his YouTube channel and share absolutely everything, you will not regret it.


We want to give you Joe a huge thanks for everything you contributed with during the year, and hope to see you as active during in 2016.

Without Joe, no PLO, as simple as that. Eat, sleep, PLO.





Honorable mentions

One simply can not do this kind of article without leaving out some, not everyone can be at the party, everyone can not be on the list.

Therefore, we leave below a list of players who we think deserve to be mentioned, but we will not go into more detail on the various reasons why, but it is in many cases very logical. They might not be active any longer in the same way as before, they may not play as often against Viktor as other players, that they simply do not deserve to be mentioned here in this article. The basic requirement is that they must have played against Viktor at some point in life.

Here is the list of players that deserve to be mentioned:


Crazy Elior




Daniel Negreanu

Luke Schwartz


And all the others..

Negative criticism of the Amaya Group

Today we know that Amaya group took the disastrous decision to remove the nosebleed tables on Full Tilt Poker, and they are now on track to succeed in destroying even PokerStars. Why do they do this is somewhat unclear, Perhaps it is simply that they unfortunately are stupid, just plainly stupid. They haven’t done anything positive since they took over, you can go to hell, Amaya Group. What you did with the Full Tilt Poker client is a shame, a shame for the game, a shame for the world. 

There we could at least chat with each other on the tables when we railed, and now all we are left with is the remains of the PokerStars client, and even there you are on your way to refurbish the whole shit, You are on your way to destroy absolutely everything, what do you intend doing with PokerStars? What is the ultimate goal of all this crap? Do you want to get everyone to stop playing poker and instead start with the casino? What comes next? Should you force the players to spin the slot machines before they are allowed to play poker? Will the players be forced to put $ 200 in Gonzo’s Quest and play with them for 2 hours before being allowed to register for a tournament? 

Those of you who have been living under a rock in the Himalayas islands are welcome to click on the following link if for some reason you missed the disastrous decisions taken Amaya group, and want to know exactly why they are the devil themselves, and exactly why they only have been negative for the Poker world, and why it’s so sad these guys owns the biggest Poker network in the world. Here is the links for those of you out there who haven’t read about it yet, click here, here, and finally here.







It wouldn’t be a true article without a controversial blacklist. Luckily, not many players are in this blacklist, but those who ended up here, actually deserved to end up here.

There is no need for longer explanations as to why these players are listed here, it is self-explanatory why they are on this blacklist, and it is unlikely that they will ever be removed from it.

Here is the list of the blacklisted players:

Brian Hastings

Dan Cates

Brian Townsend

Robert Flink


Cole South


We will of course keep all of you updated with what is waiting around the corner, and we hope that the PLO action continues today, considering the good form that Viktor ”Isildur1” Blom seems to be in at this very moment. Oooh, if you have never railed Isildur1, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Camlin. He said if you don’t rail, you’re going to jail. That is how Uncle Camlin ask’s you.

From all of us here I’d like to wish you happy railing, Merry Christmas, and God bless my friend


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