– Yesterday we reported about Viktor “Isildur1” Blom playing in huge PLO-battles at MicroGaming, today was no different and therefore comes here another report on how its gone from him since then. If you for some reason have missed the previous report, please click the link below and make sure you get catched up on all of the action over at MicroGaming from Isildur1: Isildur1 in big PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-12] The action continued later on the next day after what must have been some very nice relaxing sleep considering they played continuously for many many hours, and today was no different. Without takingRead More →

– (Due to request from readers, we publish this post in English, feel free to use the implemented Google Translate function to translate it to any language that suits you.) Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been gone from the tables at PokerStars for quite some time now. We saw some action from him at PokerStars just recently, read about that more in our previous post in the link here below if you haven’t read it already: Isildur1 tillbaka på PokerStars efter 2 veckor [2015-12-07] – He has then been coming back from time to time for some short sessions here and there, and except for playingRead More →

– Vi rapporterade nyligen om att Viktor var tillbaka och spelade H.O.R.S.E, något som ni kan läsa mer om i nedan länk: http://blog.isildur1.se/2015/11/22/isildur1-forlorar-igen-i-h-o-r-s-e-127k-kvar-pa-sin-upswing/ Viktor “Isildur1” Blom är äntligen tillbaka på borden på PokerStars, detta efter att ha hållt sig borta från PokerStars highstakes-bord under 2 veckors tid, något som gjorde att det spekulerades vilt hemma i sofforna om han hade tagit semester för resten av 2015, men det visade sig att så inte var fallet, och det visade sig även att Viktor med stor sannolikhet har grindat på andra plattformar än just PokerStars. Vi har under den här tiden hållit våra ögon och öron öppnaRead More →