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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been playing a lot under 2015.
We started this blog in August this year and ever since it’s been a great success, and when we started to publish posts in English, it became even bigger.

This is something we of course are very happy for, and we hope 2016 is going to be just as entertaining as 2015. We have some very interesting things to publish in the beginning of 2016, including things like articles, interviews and a lot more to give out to all of you happy railers out there.

It’s been a year with a lot of swings up and down for Viktor, and the first half year of 2016 didn’t look that good. However, he managed to get back fighting and ended his year at PokerStars with a staggering (insert sum here) profit, making him the biggest winner on PokerStars for 2015, something that we hope he is really proud of.  With the start of this blog came also the success, the fun thing is that we started publishing posts on the blog at almost the exakt same time as Isildur1 started his massive upswing in August this year, we can atleast pretend that we helped him to his success in some way, even though we understand that’s not really how it works, but we think motivation is very important and maybe he has become more motivated, consciously or unconsciously.

When Unibet announced that they were going to have a stream together with no other than Isildur1, we were so happy for the wonderful news. We also understood pretty quickly that considering it was a cooperation with Unibet, we wouldn’t see any highstakes action on the PokerStars tables, but watching him playing on Unibet’s client was good enough. The massive thing would of course have been to watch him play highstakes, but we think that without Unibet a stream wouldn’t have happened, so we thank Unibet very much for doing that with Viktor Blom, it fills our hearts with joy and happiness.

There has been a lot of good action in 2015, and to be completely honest, we are worried about 2016. Frankly, the future doesn’t look very bright in terms of Online Poker. Sure, it’s been fun railing Isildur1 at MicroGaming, but is that really a step in the right direction? Moving the action from PokerStars to MicroGaming? Honestly, it’s not. It’s like when you were little and you were invited to a birthday party. You have such high hopes, and when you get there, you see the big candy dish. But when you began to approach it, you also saw the horror. It wasn’t the real deal, it was some copycat candy that tasted like crap. It’s like asking for Coca Cola in a restaurant and they give you Pepsi, it’s just not right, and we get the same feeling when we rail Isildur1 on MicroGaming. Sure, it’s Viktor, but it’s not Isildur1.

Amaya Group is doing the best they can to destroy what’s currently left of the Poker network called PokerStars, and this doesn’t look good. It wasn’t long ago that one of the best No-Limit Holdem players Alex “Kanu” Millar left Team Pokerstars in protest against it, and other PokerStars members followed in his path.

Another Highstakes Pro that just recently left Team PokerStars, is no other than Ike, and now you might think, Ike? As in Ike Hackerton? Haxton? Yep, you guessed it right, Ike Haxton. Think about it. Ike Haxton leaves Team PokerStars. With the exception of Isildur1, Ike Haxton is a big part of Online Poker, and Online Poker has played a huge part in Ike Haxton’s carrer. Ike is of course one of the best Poker players in the world, so there is no doubt that he can be very succesful in Live Games as well, but we dare to guess that he loves Online Poker a lot more than Live Poker,  and sure, he could crush anyone even if it’s Live Poker, even without his GTO-Dream-Machine, but this should be a clear sign to the Amaya Group, that something is not right here.

Ike even had to travel to Manilla in the Phillippines just in the beginning of 2016 to try and win the HongKong millions, and we wish you all the best of luck with that Ike.

Something is definetly wrong. We are doing something wrong here, and we need to change. One can at least hope that this is what they are thinking right now, but it’s more likely that they are thinking about how they can destroy the Poker and bring in more Casino.

The Amaya Group reminds us of The Three Feathers Casino, featured in South Park. That episode is also called Red Mans Greed, a name that surely is very fitting to the Amaya Group. We have talked about this issue earlier in the blog, but it’s so big and so bad for the Poker community that it deserves to be mentioned again.

The Amaya Group has to stop destroying what’s left of Highstakes Poker. We know all you care about is the $$$,  but for once in your lives, show some heart and love for the people who made this community what it is today, and especially to the Highstakes players that made the Highstakes Poker Action what it is today, or saying today is just wrong, what it was 2015 fits better here. Because 2016 looks dark, it looks bad. The big question is, how much of action from Viktor are we really going to see in 2016 on PokerStars? Surely he will be seen on the tables every now and then, but continously like he did in 2015?

Don’t think so. Sadly, we are worried that there will be close to no action at all on PokerStars in 2016, and don’t get us wrong here. We dont really have much love for PokerStars, but considering they already completely destroyed FullTiltPoker, PokerStars is the only hope left out there, and sadly it’s the same company owning PokerStars and FullTiltPoker, and they have already managed to destroy FullTiltPoker, it’s just a matter of time before they succeed with doing the same thing for PokerStars.

We remember all the negative things that was being said about Isildur1. Words like “With this kind of playing style he cant make it in the long run. He is too much of a degen. He needs to have more bankroll management. He is not good enough”. All of those words can today be flushed down the toilet. Isildur1 is the most feared Poker player out there today, in the entire world, and with the amazing upswing he had at PokerStars in 2015, the haters will probably have a difficult time in 2016.

Viktor probably plays more sessions than he forgets, but he doesn’t go around fire expecting not to sweat, and the others Highstakes players knows he lays them down making their beds, rascalls trying to beat him when he’s on a downswing, he will break your leg. Be good or be good at it, fucking right, Isildur got his gun, semi-Cartermatic. Ok, you want him up in the cage, then he will come out in Beast Mode, Viktor got this world stuck in the safe, combination is the Isildur1-code. So you can keep knocking, but wont knock him down. No love lost, no love found.

Even though Isildur1 had one of the best times in his Poker career in August this year, with the upswings that followed, there has been a lot of negative things as well. There has been a lot of negative energy out there. One of them being Brian Hastings. I think most people out there thought that Brian would have learned from his earlier mistakes, that he would have grown up, but no, what we had seen from him earlier was only the beginning. Not only was he playing under the nickname BigNittyBanker on FullTiltPoker, where he just appeared out of nowhere to the Highstakes tables, targeting one player, and if this wasn’t enough, he did the same thing on PokerStars under the nickname NoelHayes, and think about it. These are just the 2 nicknames that have been leaked out the public, who knows how many nicknames he has played under recently?

As if this wasn’t enough, guess who his main target was. Just have a guess, give it a shot. Yes, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. We do recieve some negative comments now and then for showing so much love and dedication for Isildur1, but I think we can all agree on the fact that Brian Hastings must be the biggest fan Isildur1 has, in the entire world. Sure, he isn’t good enough to beat Viktor in a fair game, so he takes a happy shortcut here and there, but that’s alright isn’t it? No, it isn’t fucking alright, and it’s a disgrace. Let’s not talk more about Brian Hastings, it’s like not saying Voldemort’s name, he simply shouldn’t be named ever again. What he has done is inexcusable, and even if you do not want to mention his name, you still have to remind the Poker World what Brian Hastings is all about.

Brian, it’s a little too late to say your just sorry now, you kicked him when he was down, fuck what you say, just don’t hurt Viktor. Haven’t you done enough? You showed him nothing but hate, you ran him into the ground, but what comes around goes around, it’s called karma, and you should probably look it up, because your karma bank cant be that filled up, considering the actions you have taken earlier in your life. Let’s just hope you have atleast tried to become a better person for 2016, one can only hope.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is alive again, more alive than he has ever been in his entire life before, and we can see people’s ears perk up as he crushes at the tables.

Just as the unwanted pregnancy, there are unwanted people in your life you should strive to abort, and such abortion is not sin, nor harm, but the eradication of a destructive foetus. Therefore we kindly ask you, Brian Hastings, never to come back to Online Poker.

But not everything is negative, not all Poker Players are bad people. Take Dan “Jungleman” Cates for example. He is on our blacklist, and even though he is on the same blacklist as Brian Hastings, he is there for whole other reasons than Brian is.

It is actually somewhat unclear if Jungleman actually are behaving in such bad manners because he is serious, or if he is simply trolling. We can not interpret it in many other ways, and take for instance when Dan told Isildur1 that he was going to report him to PokerStars for not playing his blind, was he actually being serious, or was he joking with Viktor, and it leads us to the final question:

Does Viktor himself know if Dan is serious or not? And the question upon that that one can ask, does Isildur1 really care about what Jungleman has to say? We have no idea, but we can only assume that he doesn’t give a damn about what Dan says about him. If you want to be respected you should show respect to others, if you want to be loved, you should show love for others, if you want to be understood, you have to understand others, and there can probably also difficulties arise.

Dan Cates himself has probably never visited our blog, but we do have a pretty decent amount of visitors daily, so if anyone out there knows Dan and want to forward this question to him, we would gladly appreciate it.

Dan, are you actually serious when you are saying stuff like this, or are you trolling? Maybe you are trolling without even knowing it yourself? What do you really think about Viktor Blom, why do you show him so much hate? What has he ever done to you? Based on the information available, Viktor has always shown great respect for you. Please get back to us and tell us, We eagerly await your response, a response that probably is never go to reach us, but one can always hope.

Now back to the positive, now back to the good people.

The first thing that pops up when you mention good people, is of course King Blom himself, but also another person who we have mentioned here in the blog before, a man who has meant a lot to us in 2015. Joey Ingram. We know you wasn’t requested to do it, but when we saw the livestream you started when Isildur1 were playing against WithColor,  we were so happy. With “we” i mean a lot of people, not only us here on Isildur1.se, we probably speak for a big part of the Poker Community when we say the following:

Thank you Joey for what you have contributed with to Poker in 2015, thank you for your dedication to Poker, thank you for giving free PLO lessions in your livestreams, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Some haters out there is probably thinking right now “Joe Ingram?

He doesn’t even play at the highest levels in PLO today, why are you even mentioning him?” Well, the answer to that is quite simple, Joey has the best Poker Livestream in the world, and sure, Joey maybe doesn’t play the highest stakes in PLO, but that has nothing to do with his skill level, that has nothing to do with his knowledge. He has extreme skills in PLO, Joey doesn’t do the highest stakes of PLO, but if he did, he would probably be the best PLO player in the world, after Isildur1 of course. Well, okay, Maybe Ben Tollerene would have still been up there, but we think that you get the point we are trying to make here. Joey Ingram is actually one of the best PLO players in the world. Joey aint no boy scout, Joey is not a fish, he is one of the biggest sharks out there. He is extremely GTO. He covered almost the entire battle between Isildur1 and Walter WhiteColor, and for that he deserves to be praised to the sky.

We don’t know what’s waiting for us all in terms of action from Isildur1 in 2016, but we sincerely hope that there will be a lot of it, and that Viktor will be successful in his battles at the tables. A good start to 2016 is the start Viktor needs. It would of course also be very nice to see him playing some live tournaments to start the year of with, but considering there hasn’t been a lot of live tournaments for Viktor in most recent years, maybe that’s too much to hope for. We wish him the best of luck and success with whatever he decides to do in 2016, but we really hope and think that Poker is going to be a big part of his daily life also in 2016.

It also surprises us that there seems to be many people out there interested in Poker who never even railed Isildur1 playing. It amazes us on extreme levels. How can you not rail Isildur1? But at the same time, one can ask the following question:

If after all these years, you still do not understand Viktor’s greatness, and why so many people out there keep him as their favorite Poker player in the world, you might not deserve to witness it. You might not deserve the honor of witnessing the most interesting Poker player in the world.

 We have just recently published a huge article where we go in depth regarding his opponents, an article that than came to be the article with the most page views on our blog ever, but as many of you railers out there already knows, we like to publish longer, more detail filled blog posts here on Isildur1.se, and this is something we are going to continue to do in 2016, no matter what. Luckily, many of our readers here on the blog enjoys the long texts and thinks it’s interesting, and one of those people is a very good Highstakes player that we are going to publish an interview with early in 2016. An interview that we think you guys really will enjoy reading. If you for some reason have missed out on that post, we strongly advice you to click the link below, to catch up on all the good things you missed out on:

Isildur1 against the world – The year 2015 [2015-12-27]

Below is a timeline of everything we have published during the year, and we understand that many of you doesn’t understand Swedish, but since we started the blog out in Swedish, the first posts on the blog is on Swedish. However, feel free to use the implemented Google Translate function to translate it to whatever Language suits you, and hopefully you can understand the text good enough to enjoy reading it. Together with each mark in the timeline is a picture that represents that blog post. As you also will see, the posts in the beginning wasn’t that detailed, but today, we are stronger than ever and ready for the huge articles waiting in the future.

We hope that all of you by now have celebrated a great New Years 2016 Day, and hopefully you will find this blog post entertaining.

Alright, the timeline is wet, slick and ready to go:

August 2015


Isildur1 vs taktloss47 – 2015-08-24


Veckan som gått (Vecka 34)

Isildur1 – Senaste 24 timmarna [2015-08-25 20:30]


Isildur1 krossar WithColor – Plus över 2.3 Miljoner $ senaste dagarna [2015-08-26]



Isildur1 vs Ravenswood13 [2015-08-27]


Isildur1 vs WithColor Round Two [2015-08-28] [-697k$]




Isildur1 blir krossad av WithColor – Förlorar 697k$ [2015-08-29]



Isildur1 vs WithColor Round Three [2015-08-29] [+600k$]




Isildur1 vs Taktloss47 och Sauce123 [2015-08-30] [18:22] [-116k$]




Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s massiva upswing [2015-08-31]








September 2015

Isildur1 vs Sauce123 – [2015-09-01]



Isildur1 on the Hunt -Isildur1 vs Sauce123– [2015-09-02]


1451605444699937717 14516054621211860734 14516054771504811816 14516054961511395167


14516055521222691092 14516055771222660383 14516055931435164525

14516056081554817713 14516056271504816130 14516056411522568473

Isildur1 vs Haxton & co – [2015-09-04]

14516059471532131023 14516059231326016864 14516059051554834758 14516058871532154249

Isildur1’s upswing passerar 3 Miljoner Dollar – [2015-09-05]





Isildur1 fortsätter jakten – Stoppas av The Rock – [2015-09-05]

14516062731714584185 14516062571522580767 14516062391511335634

Isildur1 vs Sauce123 – Viktor vinner 500k$ [2015-09-08]


14516064991829684666 14516064821684462771



14516064351714543332 14516064211829678422

Isildur1 vs Zugwat – Enorm comeback från Viktor [2015-09-09]

14516067351714512767 1451606702151131447

14516066701888048483 14516066551211887269


Isildur1 kämpar vidare efter sin upswing – [2015-09-15]




Grattis på födelsedagen, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom!


October 2015

Isildur1 + 70k$ senaste 24 timmarna – På väg upp igen [2015-10-01]


Isildur1 +445k~ senaste 48 timmarna [2015-10-02]

14516072941885440271 14516072791511398089 14516073291901390429 14516073131684444965

Isildur1 i het PLO-action – [2015-10-03]

14516074391511340360 14516074291473856796



Isildur1 fortsätter på PLO-borden [2015-10-04]


Isildur12015 1451607544168446741

Isildur1 +319k$ senaste 24 timmarna [2015-10-07]







Isildur1 +518k$ senaste 4 timmarna [2015-10-12]

14516079601997642194 14516079441997610966 14516079262194765137 14516079111939770389

Isildur1 tillbaka på No-Limit Holdem borden [2015-10-13]



14516080592009412539 14516080472194764433

Isildur1 vinner 475k$ på PLO-borden [2015-10-14]

14516082371997697591 14516082241689695964 14516083102573038593





Isildur1 +800k$ senaste 24 timmarna [2015-10-15]





Isildur1 återhämtar sig på 2-7 Triple Draw [2015-10-16]



Isildur1 närmar sig 4 Miljoner Dollar i vinst år 2015 [2015-10-17]


14516096882773878866 14516097322742064817 14516097142714146014 14516096732714136032

Isildur1 närmar sig 5 Miljoner Dollar i vinst år 2015 [2015-10-25]



14516101082714129970 14516100942773839790

14516100773124443116 14516100633094346326 14516100492708080047 1451610034277389797 14516100122805771597




November 2015

Isildur1 wins 1.8m in October – Tries out H.O.R.S.E [2015-11-03]


14516104182805794432 14516103882573089057 14516103732773847052 14516103573124480279 14516103442898314202


Isildur1 spelar H.O.R.S.E – Här är förklaring till varför [2015-11-04]



Isildur1 förlorar närmare 300k$ på bara några timmar [2015-11-05]




14516107963265390159 14516107812708054011 14516107662898338197

Isildur1 tillbaka med en vinnande session på 300k$ [2015-11-21]

14516111122961985104 1451611073312447792


1451611042126261538 1451611026150954652


Isildur1 förlorar återigen i H.O.R.S.E – 127k$ kvar på sin upswing [2015-11-22]




December 2015

Isildur1 tillbaka på PokerStars efter 2 veckor [2015-12-07]

1451611567126253057 14516115512898344816


Isildur1 in big PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-12]

14516117383265340856 1451611723289832075 14516117962805790269 14516117823124450758 145161176715098914 14516117532853149129 14516117113252776710

Isildur1 continues PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-13]



14516119663094320545 1451611949150967354

Isildur1 wins big in PLO action @ Microgaming [2015-12-15]

14516121952898335379 145161218129426326 1451612167126296860 1451612155400139550 14516121413094393933 1451612128465225939

Isildur1 stuck over a million @ Microgaming [2015-12-16]




Isildur1 back as a winner @ PokerStars [2015-12-19]

1451612455548256904 145161249312628769 1451612513558184291



1451612467597551219 1451612482503532493 1451612556610585881


Isildur1 in a big roller coaster @ PokerStars [2015-12-20]

1451613077558162029 1451613062631962379 1451613048566518391 1451613023631969427 1451613012631999368 14516130013252757158 1451612990548211353 14516129783124493140 1451612962548219093

Isildur1 back playing No-Limit Holdem @ MicroGaming [2015-12-21]

1451613289126244921 1451613275126285489 1451613255823297011 1451613237813440166


Isildur1 continuing battle @ MicroGaming [2015-12-22]




Isildur1 with finally a good day @ MicroGaming [2015-12-23]



Merry Christmas to all the railers [2015-12-24]





En konung har lämnat byggnaden – [2015-12-26]

1451613940465271696 1451613925823227484


Isildur1 against the world – The year 2015 [2015-12-27]






isildanger282 viki

vikibondgif isildurgifi8 isilgif837367 isildurvikgiffi


Now we are looking forward to what’s waiting in 2016. Hopefully he will attend some live-tournaments as well and crush the livetables, but as we all know it’s the online highstakes tables where he feels most at home, and also where he has hade his biggest success. It’s also important that we dont forget that he has won a massive live-tournament as well, in the PCA Carribean for over 1M$, he is a WorldClass Highstakes Online Player, the best in the world, but he is also a WorldClass live player, he is extremely dangerous and feared by most players.



We will of course keep all of you updated with what is waiting around the corner, and we hope that the PLO action continues today, considering the good form that Viktor ”Isildur1” Blom seems to be in at this very moment. Oooh, if you have never railed Isildur1, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Camlin. He said if you don’t rail, you’re going to jail. That is how Uncle Camlin ask’s you.

From all of us here I’d like to wish you happy railing, Merry Christmas, and God bless my friend

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