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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been very absent on the tables for the most recent time. Just after the start of 2016, we saw him continuing playing on MicroGaming under the nickname “hrskar”, but he never really came back to PokerStars, until today. This was the day of reckoning, this was the day of the comeback.

A lot of players around the world (probably mostly from Sweden) were worried that Isildur1 would take a long break from Poker in 2016, after having such a blast in 2015 with the massive upswings
that we reported on during 2015, something that you can read about more in the blog posts below if you are interested in reading that.

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It was not a comeback on the cashgame tables, however, it was a comeback on the tournament tables on PokerStars. After registering into the TCOOP-26 $700 NL Hold’em tournament with $161k for 1st place, the action was back on PokerStars, with a fresh, and clean, Viktor.

In the beginning of the tournament it barely looked like it was Isildur1 playing, sure, Viktor is an extremely good MTT player, and sure, he had some time off from the tables, but the level of tightness in the beginning of the tournament was insane, and that’s mildly speaking. With 50k starting stack in the tournament, Viktor decided to play extremely tight and almost folded all the way down to 17k, after playing just some minor hands without getting any real good run going. Viktor pretty much folded all the way down to a 12k stack, probably because the cards he was dealt probably wasnt good enough.


But then it was time for Isildur1 to start getting heated up, and it was time to get involved in some huge action on the table. The first hand that went to showdown, was a really good
starting hand for Viktor, in fact, he couldn’t get a better pocket pair to get it all in with. Yep, it was the pocket aces, only the best is good enough for the King, ya dig?

After the pocket AA’s hand, Isildur1 was suddenly up to a 56k stack, from being down to just 17k after playing very tight. Viktor was wet, slick, and ready to go, and decided to go all in
on the very next hand, with another pocket pair, pocket 77’s. Here he was up against A4 offsuit and pocket QQ’s, and Viktor managed to hit a seven on the flop making what John Juanda would have said:
“I had twips”, taking down a massive 150k pot in the tournament.




The pocket 77’s showed up again on the very next hand, and yep, it was yet again time to get the chips in the middle, against a short stacked danish player named “moumaife84” (probably drunk
after seeing his beloved Denmark only drawing to Sweden in the Handball Euro 2016 tournament). The danish dude showed the AJ offsuit, flop came K54, turn 3, river 9, and Viktor ends up taking
it down with a 9 high flush, he would however have won the hand even without the flush, considering he had the pocket pair, while the danish had nothing, nothing at all, just a happy unsuited AJ.

It then took the King 19 hands until he was back in action again, this time with a happy pocket 10’s, against the Canadian player holla@yoboy, flop came JQ7, turn 4, river, a happy little ace. In this pot Viktor
went from a 200k stack, to a massive 367k stack.





At this time the tournament had already been going on for just over 2 hours and 40 minutes, and the blinds had gone all the way up to 5k/10k, meaning Isildur1 right in this very moment sat with a hefty 36 big blind stack. It didn’t take long for more players to bust, and 00:44 (CET) Viktor was in place 45/317 players, out of 1377 registered players, pretty insane when you think about the fact that he just a couple of hands ago only had a 17k stack, but we all know Viktor can turn dirt into gold in just a millisecond, so I don’t think that we are surprised that the King wins the happy pots.

Then it was back to playing tight, and after folding a lot of hands, Viktor was now down to a 312k stack, and the blinds had now raised to 6k/12k, and Isildur1 was the next player to get the big blind, and for those of you out there who don’t understand what that means, is that Viktor now has to put in 12k of his chips into the table, even if he want’s to or not, thats why it’s called the blinds.

After the player saladinhoo raised to 24k preflop, with the player pete_tuga from United Kingdom going all in with his 204k stack, Viktor decided to call it down with a all-in shove of his own. pete_tuga had pocket 99’s, the King had AQ offsuit. Flop came down 3AK, turn 4, river, another happy 4, giving Isildur1 the massive 441k pot with a two pair, of aces and fours. At this time Viktor’s stack was a massive 549k. Viktor then decided to call the all in from the player ouchbadbeat in the very next hand, ouchbadbeat had the 67 suited, while Isildur1 had the JQ suited. After the flop the hand still looked pretty promising for Viktor, considering he only had to fade the flush, and of course the 6 and the 7, the turn came down with a 5, it all looked good, Viktor was probably cheering, but then the sadness came, then it all turned on Isildur1, the 6 came down on the river. Ouch, 362k going to ouchbadbeat, while Viktor is still in the tournament with a 382k stack. Now that’s a bad beat, ya dig?



After that Viktor decided to take it easy for a couple of hands, and now it was also time for a needed 5 minutes break. During the time of the break, Isildur1 had a 347k stack, which at this time putted him in place 73/232 players, a pretty promising stack to start off the action with after the break.

Note that this is the first tournament on PokerStars that Viktor registered into, going all the way back to 11/10/2015, where he registered in to the $1,050 Super Tuesday with $450K guaranteed up top, sadly he busted that tournament in place 223/552 without any cash.

The break has now ended, and the blinds are now up to level 34, with 10K in the small blind, and a hefty 20k in the big blind, giving Viktor rougly 17 big blinds to play with to start it off after the break.
After the 5 minute break, the action now continued, and we are pretty sure that there is a lot of railers there at home eagerly waiting for what’s waiting around the corner, what hands are waiting in the TCOOP-27 $700 NL’Holdem tournament for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom? Some of you out there might think that most of the railers are from Sweden, thinking:

“Hey, the time is now 01:01 in the middle of the freakin’ NIGHT in Sweden, go to bed, don’t you people have jobs to go to in the morning?”

Yeah, i’m pretty sure a lot of us are, but is that really relevant? Is that really of any concerns? No. This is the comeback of Isildur1, and as long as you’re not a doctor or something else where other people might be in danger if you come to work tired, you have every single right in the world to stay up and watch this amazing action, cause Viktor deserves it, he deserves the support, he deserves the love, and he deserves to be remembered as the King of Online Poker. This is not your Average Joe, this is Viktor Blom, and the action is here and now.

It then took a couple of folding hands for Viktor until the action was back again, this on a hand where the player saladinhoo was all in for his 120k stack, where Isildur1 was thinking for roughly 15 seconds until he ended up folding it preflop. On the very next hand, saladinhoo decided to shove his stack all in again, now with a 158k stack. Was Viktor going to finally call it off here and take the whole lot from the dude? No, Viktor folded and sat carefully down with his now 315k stack, waiting for a good hand to get it in with. Remember, the blinds are now 10k/20k, so when Viktor finally does decide to get involved in the action, he better have a good starting hand, or else it might get very dangerous putting the chips in the middle.

Viktor decided to fold once again, and now had another 4 hands left until he was back on the big blind, which is now on 20k. A duck mother hates to lose her babies, in the same way as Isildur1 hates to just give away his blinds, meaning the upcoming hands are very important for this particular tournament for the King.

At this very moment the tournament was down to 200 players, with Viktor currently sitting in 89th place, with his 305k stack, he is now just 2 hands away from the big blind. This is it, this time I know it’s the real thing, and I cant explain how im feeling. Viktor decided to fold once again, and the next hand is the last one until he has to put in those 20k into the middle, wether if he want’s to or not, it’s the big blind. Just in the hand before the hand he was big blind in, the blinds raised, to a massive 12.5k for the small blind, and 25k for the big blind, meaning Viktor now currently has 12 big blinds left in the tournament, meaning the next hand he get’s involved in will probably be a all-in shove from the master.

The level of entertainment was very high, and we were very eager to see what Viktor was going to do, he is now in the big blind. This is it. elio2405 raises to 62,5k preflop, saladinhoo casually folds, chik12xa joins saladinhoo in the folding department, ouchbadbeat does that as well, now down to I Play Cash in the small blind, folding as well.

Now, time for the master to take his action. What is Viktor going to do? He thinks for a couple of seconds, until he finally decides to just casually fold it, like a champ, leaving him with a 258k stack after putting the small blind of 12.5k down at the table. Is he going to get involved in this hand, is this the time to double up? There is now 186 players left, 176 players gets to cash, the other ones goes home with empty pockets and som cab fare.

I Play Cash decides to shove, and Viktor decides to call, I Play Cash has Isildur1 covered, the pot is a massive 592k. I Play Cash shows pocket QQ’s, Viktor shows the A9 offsuit. Flop comes down AQJ, turn comes down with the King of hearts, no help to Isildur1, and then finally the river comes down, 6 of hearts. I Play Cash takes the massive 592k pot down, Isildur1 busts before the money.

The tournament journey is over.


We will of course keep all of you happy railers out there covered with what’s waiting around the corner, so make
sure you tune back in to the blog for the latest news from Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

Until then, stay healthy, happy railing, and God Bless my friend’s.


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    Thanks to all of you out there. Hope for a good and healthy 2016, with a lot of good days for King Blom. Hope to see some good cashgame action soon. Stay tuned everyone!

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