Isildur1 back with an upswing @ PokerStars [2016-02-02]

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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been pretty absent from the tables in the most recent time, after having what seems like a much needed vacation and rest from the Poker tables to end of 2015, and when 2016 had started, and the first month had gone, we still didn’t see any big action from Viktor. This has lead to questions all over the world, where some people actually thought that he was going to quit playing Highstakes Poker, and we all know that PokerStars is going into the wrong direction, so what’s waiting for us in the future is still somewhat unclear.

After busting these tournaments, a lot of people started to get worried again that there wont be any more action from Isildur1 for some time, that the canvas wasn’t wet and slick, more like super dry.



However, yesterday, Isildur1 made a pretty clear statement. He is not gone, he is not going to let 2016 be a soft year, let’s just get right back at it, which is exactly what he did. He had one thing in mind and one thing only, RUN IT UP.

He started out on the 200/400 Mixed 8-Game tables, playing roughly right over 300 hands, before going over to the FLO8 300/600 tables where he first dropped just over 21k$. He then moved on to playing 28 hands of FLO8 75/150, making all the railers worried that the action was about to end, but he finally went back to the FLO8 300/600, giving us all hopes again that he might get something going, maybe a new upswing perhaps?

162 hands later on the 300/600 the damage was done, KPR quit him, Isildur1 had won. 36k$ in 162 hands, and now Viktor had the chance to run it up real good, and what better game to do that on if not PLO?

Yep, that’s right, Isildur1 back at the PLO tables.


It was also on the PLO tables where he started to run real good, and as can be seen in the pictures below, he managed to run it up real good, and he went on a 190k$+ upswing on the PLO tables, leaving him with a profit of 229k$ for the last 24 hours.

 After spending a couple of hours at the 100/200 PLO tables, 2-tabling, Viktor decided to move up and play 4 tables of 100/200 PLO (deep). Now the action continued against BERRI SWEET, WRUUUUM, refaelamit, and one table where also supernova9, KissMyAcePlz and Aron0621 also were present.

After starting playing on those 4 tables of 100/200 PLO, BERRI SWEET managed to get the better of him in the beginning of the table, 2 of the tables were 3 handed, one was a full ring of players with 6 players in the queue, and another one was a heads-up battle between Isildur1 vs BERRI SWEET.

We know that Isildur1 isn’t afraid to gamble, and to gamble big, and that’s also why we all love him so much, the entertainment he brings to the railers is just incredible, and I think we can all agree on the fact that he is the most entertaining Poker player in the entire world.

Isildur1 wins an important 63k pot against WRUUUUM, much needed after not getting anything going after loading up those 4 tables of 100/200 PLO.

Just out of nowhere, Isildur1 had actually managed to get on a 225k$+ upswing, and the way he did it was just marvelous. Even though PokerStars doesn’t have any chat function for the railers, it’s still a very good place to just get some ice tea, load up the client, search for Isildur1 and just watch him, would you just look at it? Because on these wet tables, the stacks will move, and Isildur1 can make it as dark, or as light as he want, and that easy, he has a big upswing. Just like that. There we go. Aint that fantastic?

The action then went on for some time on those 4 tables, and sure, maybe the action wasn’t extraordinary, maybe it wasn’t the same as 4 tables of 200/400 PLO against Ben86, or why not someone like WithColor, or White Color as Viktor likes to call him, but it looked promising. If Isildur1 could manage to get this upswing going, we might have some amazing action waiting around the corner.

What’s good with Isildur1 is that he varies his game a lot, making it difficult for his opponent to guess his cards, he puts all kinds of different things in there, and it gives the indication of playing very loose, but as we all know, Viktor knows what he is doing, he aint no boy scout. Ya dig?

When the upswing had just started, let’s just be honest, after being absent from the tables for such a long time, we maybe didn’t expect it to go on like this, but that son of a gun made it grow like a tree.

Remember the golden rule, keep the flow going, and keep up the hope. Believe in yourself, and if there is someone who believes in himself, it’s surely Viktor, and why wouldn’t he? Being the best Poker player in the world.

Another important pot, where Isildur1 bets pot (28.6k), putting the pressure on BERRI SWEET, who simply couldn’t handle the pressure and had the fold. Once again, Isildur1 takes down a much needed pot.

 Viktor kept the upswing going, and was now +256k$ for the last 24 hours, containing mostly wins from the PLO tables.

Earlier in the day we saw Isildur1 playing 75/150 flo8, now he is 4 tabling 100/200 PLO (deep), aint that just fantastic? Arent we having fun? Yep, we are, and hopefully Viktor is as well.


If there is any secret to success in Poker, it’s practice, just practice. And yes, ofcourse it helps to be talented as well, and if your name is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, you probably don’t need that much of practice, it’s pretty much the same for Viktor as it is for Lionel. Yes, that’s Lionel Messi. Lionel can just start playing with the ball and he will do amazing things, without any real practice, and the same applies for Viktor, not in football, and maybe not in minigolf, but in Poker, where he has amazing skills and an amazing talent, making him (in our opinion), the best Poker player in the world.

We do know that Viktor has been playing on MicroGaming under the nickname ‘hrskar’ just before 2016, but on PokerStars it has actually been some time since we saw Viktor in such huge action, with the exception for some battles here and there, and it feels really good to see him back at the tables, fighting, having fun, and you all see how easy it is. For Viktor that is. How easy it is for him, to run it up, because he is so good at the game. Anybody can do this, with almost no practice? RONG. You need talent, or practice, probably both of em, and no, not anyone can do this, Viktor is one of a kind.

All he does is just tap, tap, tap, get those chips in the middle, lets’ get that upswing flowing!

When Isildur1 is in the right mindset, you don’t even have to worry, you just know, you just know that he is going to accomplish amazing things on the tables, winning beautiful pots.

It’s like he gets into that mood, where he barely touches the mouse buttons, just barely touches, and just caresses it, very gently, and that easy, he wins some happy little pots.

He might have spent the most recent time in the lab, working on improvements for his game, or he might have just taken a long needed vacation, it doesn’t matter, either way, he is prepared and willing to crush anyone who dares to face him. A lot of people has mentioned how nice and sweet Isildur1 is off the tables, but on the tables, shoot, you don’t want to get anywhere near him! He is absolutely ruthless, and don’t you even dare to min bet!

Viktor then moves on winning this huge pot of 43k$ with four a kind, 8’s, leaving BERRI SWEET mindblown.


Then the upswing dropped down a little, down to 224k$, and it was time for Isildur1 to step up his game again, to make sure the upswing stays active.

Then Ike Haxton decided to join in on the action, not with his usual nickname ‘Ike Haxton’, no, now back to his old nickname ‘philivey2694’. This is because Ike has left team PokerStars, and then for some reason decided to move back to hos oldschool nickname ‘philivey2694’.

This is how the session looked like at first, before taking a couple of hours break:



The action then continued a couple of hours later, with 4 tables of 200/400 PLO this time, against BERRI SWEET, Lrslzk and ofcourse also WRUUUM, who didn’t want to miss the big action. This is the power of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, when he is active playing, there is a lot of action going on, Viktor literally brings the action to the tables himself, and he manages to do so while also going on sick upswings, this is pretty impressive.

Compare it to when someone like Jean Robert-Bellande is online playing, then the tables very quickly get full of players, mostly because JRB is seemed to be a pretty bad player compared to the highstakes regs, but when it comes to Isildur1, his opponents knows how tough he is to beat, but they also know that even though Viktor is the best Poker player in the world, even he has some weaknesses.

One of them being that he sometimes can play pretty bad if he is tilted, most of the times he manages to control it, as we also stated in our Viktorpedia site here on, but if he goes on downswing, everything can happen.

We have of course also seen him come back from extreme downswings over the years, downswings of millions of dollars, and ending up + for the same day, so as we said, everything can happen when Isildur1 is involved in the action, and that’s why we all love him so much, and since he craves the action so much, he is willing to battle against almost anyone, in almost any game.

In the 4 tables of 200/400 PLO, the players were often all-in preflop, making for very entertaining and interesting pots, one could say that all of them then are playing pretty loose, but considering they are sitting down on PLO 200/400 tables with short stacks, it’s nothing crazy with all-in preflops at these stakes, at least not when Isildur1 is one of the players sitting down playing on it.

The action continued on 4 handed at the 200/400 PLO tables, and at the same time, Viktor waited for action on other game, one of those games being Mixed 8-game, where Trueteller was sitting down waiting for him. Games between Isildur1 and Trueteller are very rare, but you never know what’s going to happen when Isildur1 is on a upswing, anything can happen.

As can be seen in the pictures above, Viktor was pretty unlucky in some of the pots:




The bad luck continued, and here he loses a 46k$ pot against WRUUUM.



He did of course also win a couple of hands, check many of them out here below:





Viktor then managed to work his way up to a 100k$ stack on the Siberia III table:

Lookin’ out for love in Siberia III
Gotta look out for love anywhere you are
Ain’t nobody gonna take your love away…




Outside of the Siberia II table action, Isildur1 also managed to take down this massive 66k pot on another table:


It didn’t take long for Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky to wake up:


Isildur1 then gets into a huge 99k$ pot against BERRI SWEET, chop chop.

The Siberia III is still the table where most of the action currently is on.


Then all of these 4 tables were shut down, and instead Isildur1 sat down on one 200/400 PLO table against Sauce123, while waiting for action on the 1k/2k FLO8 table, only to open up more 200/400 PLO tables quickly after, the battle continues!


This is how the session continued like at first, after taking a couple of hours break:

Especially take note of 332k$ profit mark, meaning the upswing is now up at a massive 332k$. Impressive, can it get even bigger? I think we all know that the answer to that question is YES!


We had our hopes up that his upswing was going to continue, and in the beginning it looked very promising.

As can be seen in the images above, the swings were pretty massive, a lot of important pots lost, a lot of them won.

The action is currently ongoing, which means we will update this post in the upcoming hours.

Stay tuned for what action is coming up next, and make sure to check back in on our blog here on, and you won’t miss a thing.

From all of us here, We would like to wish you happy railing, stay healthy, and God Bless my friends.

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    The action is currently ongoing, which means we will update this post in the upcoming hours.
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