Isildur1 wins 154k at Mixed Games [2016-03-04]

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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been seen playing a lot over at PokerStars during the last 24 hours.

After struggling to get something going at the PLO tables, Viktor once again tried his luck on the Mixed 400/800$ tables, where things went much smoother.

After a session of around 9 hours of playing at the Mixed Games, Isildur1 ended up winning 154k$. Below is the statistics for the last 24 hours:


A profit of 89k$ looks promising for the last 24 hours, in the last 48 hours Viktors total profit is 64k$. There is probably a lot more action to come this weekend, considering the current upswing that Viktor is on. Hopefully he can make it a very big upswing, it’s been some time since Isildur1 had a huge upswing, and we think the time is now. It’s time to show everyone that the King is still the King.

Below is some of the key pots from yesterdays action, with Isildur1 building up his stack on the table:



There were a lot of players who wanted to try their luck out against King Blom:


Isildur1 sitting on a stable 113k$ stack!


Hopefully there is more action waiting just around the corner, we wouldn’t mind having to report about a huge win from the King.

It’s very easy to think that if your name is Viktor Blom, all you have to do is just login, sit down at the tables and just win, but I think we all need to remember the time, the effort, the DEDICATION, and the talent that Isildur1 has in this game.

He might not be the best Golf Player in the world, but he surely is the best Poker player in the world, and that’s not a bad thing. Sure, if we are talking about live poker, there is some other huge names like Daniel Negreanu, that Felix kid, Phil Ivey, and some others, but when it comes to Online Poker, Isildur1 is the King, and there is not anyone out there that’s even close to his level.

If Tom Dwan wouldn’t have moved to the Asian Basements, maybe he would have been there at the top with Isildur1, but as for things are right now, there is not any other player out there that’s even close to the level Viktor is when it comes to Online Poker, and that’s why we all enjoy watching him playing so much. He is not only the best Online Poker player in the world – he is also the most entertaining one. That’s the best combination, being the best in the World at something, and at the same time being very entertaining.

Remember the action a couple of months ago between Isildur1 and WithColor? That battle was awesome! Will we ever see anything like that ever again? You can never be sure, but it seems unlikely. Let’s just all hope and pray that there is a lot of good action waiting this weekend!

 There has also been some rumors out there that Isildur1 is currently playing on Swedish site Svenska Spel under the nickname ‘blowakiss’, this is however not something that is confirmed by anyone, and therefore we can’t be sure it’s Viktor Blom. But if it is, we wish him all the best of luck over at Svenska Spel so he can get even more action going at PokerStars.

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