Isildur1 keeps fighting – Weekend is coming [2016-07-29]

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The other day we released a Swedish article for the benefit of our Swedish followers.

We want to emphasize, however, that although it is possible to change the language on the blog, so we choose to continue writing in English as a first choice, this is to reach out to the masses around the world who follow us, focusing on every single one of you out there who are interested in following the daily battles of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

Comments are now open again, feel free to express your feelings in the comment section below.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been having some tough times lately, with lowstakes action going on for countless hours, repeated attempts of running up a big stack, frankly failing most of the times. This until recently, where there has been going on a lot of battles between Isildur1 and Brights88. Brights88 is a player from Lebanon, an extremely dangerous player with a lot of good abilities. He is a good match against Isildur1, but he is not better than Isildur1. During the last couple of days the two have played multiple battles, with a lot of action, in comparison with the small action we have seen from Isildur1 during the last few weeks. Earlier this week, Isildur1 topped the leaderboards on HighstakesDB, for the first time in a long, long time. Isildur1 and brights88 has been playing Mixed 8-game, mostly at the stakes of 100/200$.

Isildur1’s Last 48 hours according to HighstakesDB:


As can be seen in the statistics provided above by HighstakesDB, it started to go downwards for Isildur1 after the Justitia II table session. Losing just under 7k$ at the Hamal III table, followed by a quick and painful loss of 23k$ at the Werra II table on the Mixed 200/400 tables. Swings like these are not unusual for Viktor, but we do prefer green results. But all is not gold and green forests. There’s really creepy forests and gray mountains, something that Victor should avoid. Given that it’s been a while since we saw Viktor playing at these stakes, one must surely understand that it is extremely important that it goes well for Viktor during the upcoming weekend. If Isildur1 falls down a hole here, it will be extremely hard to get back up again.

You came to us at outlaws, you came along in chains, all that is in the past, here at, we are all one house.

There has been a lot of back and forth action going on between the two, as can be seen in the pictures below from the action. It seems that Viktor, as usual, strives for going up in the stakes as soon as possible when he gets good enough action to do so. After running good for a fairly short time, it is not a rare sight to see Isildur1 going up in levels fast, and furiously. Some of the pictures posted below was also posted in the Swedish update posted the other day, but just as before, we will continue to provide English content as often as possible, and when it happens really important and big things, you can count on us to provide articles and updates in English.


Isildur1 is way stronger and better than the Lebanese Brights88, which leads us to hope for an upswing soon. Isildur1 is the danger, he is the one who knocks. Say his name, Mr Blom, your god damn right. Remember hundreds of years ago when Isildur1 played against players of the likes of Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Patrik Antonius? Back then he managed to win, so why shouldn’t he manage to beat a single Lebanese called brights88? Against Tom Dwan, at least it was a good fight, almost equal in terms of skill. But against Brights88? Brights88 is not the guy, he is not capable of being the guy, Isildur1 had a guy but now he doesn’t, Brights88 is not the guy. He is not even close to the same skill level as King Blom, there is no way he will get out of this battle at the end as a winner.

You know nothing, Brights88. Every man, woman and child, will remember how hard Isildur1 is going to crush you.

This war has just begun.

So Isildur1, Seize The Day – and kick his ass. Carpe Diem. Strive to find that upswing that you need.











Viktor has played a lot of tournaments lately, where he almost on a daily basis registered to a couple of tournaments in the hopes of crushing them in the same manner as he did when he won the SCOOP tournaments back in the good ol days, 2012/2013. Sadly Viktor hasn’t managed to bing a big tournament in the most recent time, but he has at least been trying, and he has been very close time and time again to bink a big one.

Below is some of the latest tournaments Isildur1 has played at PokerStars in July, with notable ending positions:


As seen above, there is a pattern to be seen  here. Isildur1 continues to make final tables and deep runs, but he just can’t manage to win them. 5th place in these kinds of highstakes tournaments with extremely tough fields is of course good, but Isildur1 isn’t aiming for good. Isildur1 is aiming for gold, he is aiming for the top, which he should, since it’s there he belongs and should remain. What Isildur1 needs to do to step up his game to manage to win these tournaments instead of ending up at the final table and quickly busting out is somewhat unclear. We all know he has the skill, the heart, the knowledge and the power to win tournaments, but it’s been some time since he actually managed to win a big one, and even though he might be abit worn out or tired, here are forces which are sufficient for really big profits, forces that only Isildur1 has. Isildur1’s reign has just begun.

I see the faces of railers, I free you. Take of your collars, no one will stop you. But if you stay at the rail, it will be as brothers and sisters, as husbands and wives. Isildur1 is the dragons King. And he swears to you, that those that will harm you will die, screaming. Isildur1 should have a golden crown.

Isildur1’s enemies have made the railers bleed, I will not forget that. I will not forgive that. Isildur1 will punish them. And to you Brights88, thinking about busting Isildur1, think again. Isildur1 is the son of fire, he is more than you can ever be, his blood is noble, he is more than you can ever be, more than you can ever be. Isildur1 he is the son of fire, he is more than you can ever be. Isildur1 lead the defense of Sweden. Sweden adores you. You must do whatever you need to do, whatever you need to do. Protect the stack, and win big. If you give us your love, we will return it, a thousand fold. Isildur1 is the King, everyone is his to torment. Brights88 has to bust, take his stack, take his home, take his power. You have a war to fight, it’s not about glory. Your fighting for justice.




Isildur1 is out there making fat stacks, breaking money, sky high stacks. This guy can play, yeah Mr Blom. Let’s do it again, until you get it right. Cash money, fat stacks, everybody on the rail is gonna be like oh snap, oh snap. If you wanna make more money and keep the money that you make, better call Mr Upswing. When Viktor runs good, oh boy I love it.

We here at will of course continue to keep you updated with what is waiting ahead, hopefully it will be gold and green forests during the coming weekend, it feels wrong and tiring to follow Isildur1 at the lower levels, it’s not where he belongs. Isildur1 is the King. Everyone is his to torment. He is the King.

The weekend is the only thing standing between the upswing, and what lies beyond. Isildur1 is coming.

When weekend does come, Gods help us all if Isildur1 is not ready. Your best hope is that you can defeat them in the field. If you lose, the railers die.

When you play the Game of Isildur1, you win or you die, there is no middle ground. There is only one God, and his name is Isildur1. And there’s only one thing we say to Isildur1: TODAY!

You helped Sweden win the iron crown at the poker tables, we were meant to rule together. But now weekend is coming. We must protect ourselves.

I see the faces of railers, I free you. Take of your collars, no one will stop you. But if you stay at the rail, it will be as brothers and sisters, as husbands and wives. Isildur1 is the dragons King. And he swears to you, that those that will harm you will die, screaming. Isildur1 is the dragons King. Isildur1 should have a golden crown.

Update 15:00 CET:

Isildur1 is now back online playing at PokerStars, the game in place is 100/200 8-Game, SamRostan just joined in on the action.

Fresh_oO_D also joined the table, breaking the action. Apparently, Generdir doesn’t want to play when he is included, calling him “pidoras”, we will not translate that into English considering it’s slander and a pretty mean word to say against someone else. Isildur1 seems to be looking for heads-up action, hopefully Brights88 comes online soon, because this doesn’t look that exciting at the moment.




  1. he is playing on untracked american sites.the 5k limit on stars is irrelevant. Seems like he doesnt have the limit anymore.

    1. yo my man viktor isildur blom is it true you have a 5k limit on stars bro?? what untracked european sites is you playing??

      would love to get some of the action brotha.

  2. He is not a better player than Brights88.
    But yeah, well done to Viktor. It might not be good for poker but it’s good for him.

  3. First 🙂
    My other comments on the other newspost was not published, why???

    1. Author

      Hello Petter.
      Comments are approved manually, the SpamShield blocks most of the spam but manual approval is still neccesary.

      Have a great Friday.

  4. playing @ odfresh right now headsup

  5. Whats the code for freemyspins upon registration if i want to get something added without depositing???

  6. how can i join house isildur1 :]?

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