Isildur1 busts the 10K NLHE Heads-UP WCOOP [2016-09-10]

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It’s been some time since we last saw Viktor “Isildur1” Blom running good in a major tournament, and today it was time to give it another try. After registering to the WCOOP-23 $10 300 NLHE [high-roller, heads up] tournament, Isildur1 was one of 36 brave participants to buy in to the tournament. Isildur1 got a bye in the first one, and ended up playing heads-up in his first match against lechuckpoker. Viktor managed to win against leechuckpoker fairly easy, moving forward to the next round.

isi1-1 isi1-2 isi1-3 isi1-4 isi1-5 isi1-6 isi1-7 isi1-9

Isildur1 managed to beat him to get through to the next round, where Tim0thee was the opponent.

Tim0thee got a head start after taking down a 4.6k$ pot (starting stack in the tournament is 20k$), after this point the tournament went into a 5 minute break, something that Isildur1 probably needed. Nothing better than a short break if you start out cold, during this time Tim0thee was already on fire, so a cooldown in terms of a short break seemed very positive for King Blom. Isildur1 went to the break with a 15.5k$ stack, while Tim0thee was rocking a decent 24.4k$ stack.

Isildur1 kept fighting, taking down some small pots here and there, but the stack sizes stayed pretty much the same for many hands, since Tim0thee himself managed to win about half of the pots. Isildur1 kept showing strength, and just to be straight here. Isildur1 is a much better heads-up player than Tim0thee, no doubt about it. It’s not even close, but in one heads-up battle, anything can happen.

Then an important 7.7k$ pot happened, a hand that Isildur1 sadly lost. The hand can be shown below in the hand timeline.

The battle then continued on with Isildur1 sitting with only 10k$, meanwhile, Tim0thee high-fived all his mates, with a 30k$ stack, and with a dream of moving further in the tournament. When Isildur1 showed that AJ, you first thought he was going to win the pot, but then you saw that Tim0thee had the king, ayaa.

With a 30k$ stack, against Isildur1’s 10k$ stack, Tim0thee was halfway through to the final 8. Isildur1 on the other hand, kept fighting and kept being brave and strong, doing his best to try and build his stack back up again, being a little bit more catious than earlier, ofcourse, you need to be a little bit more cautious when your stack size is downgraded so much.

Isildur1 didn’t only have the support from Sweden, but also from other Poker players around the world, who chatted furiously in the PokerStars chatbox, trying to get Viktor pumped up for the battle.

Isildur1 kept fighting, and managed to take home a 3.5k$ pot with just AK in his hand, while the board was 4-7-5-3-4. Isildur1 made a beat after the river, with nothing, that’s the King Blom we know.

Isildur1 had now worked his way back up to a 13k$ stack, only 7k$ to go to get back to the 20k$ starting stack he had in the start of the heads-up against Tim0thee. After this things started to go south for the King, going down to 8k$, followed a quick short upswing back to 10k$ again. Then things kept going south for Isildur1, going down to a heartbreaking 6k$ stack. Isildur1 did his best to try and get back up again, and managed to get back up to 8.5k$ after hitting the ace on the river.

The tournament kept going with about the same stack sizes, Isildur1 on a  10k$~ stack, while Tim0thee kept sitting on a strong 30k$~ stack. Isildur1 then managed to work his way back up to 13k$ on a 10-5-4-K-6 board, betting after the river, followed by a fold from Tim0thee.

Isildur1 then went down to a 8k$ stack again, and things started to look very dark. It looked like the darkness was coming, meanwhile Isildur1 had no torch. Even though Isildur1 is a much better player than Tim0thee, you can still lose against a weaker opponent. It’s poker, and when Isildur1 plays poker, it’s basically:

10% percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, going into the history books as the most entertanining, and best poker player in all times.

After raising pre-flop, Tim0thee replied by going all-in, and most people probably thought Isildur1 was going to call, which he didn’t, which left him with a measly 6k$. Tough times, really tough times.

It all ended with 8-5 suited, against Tim0thees KQ offsuit, in the hand at the bottom below:

isi2-1 isi2-2 isi2-3 isi2-4 isi2-5

Isildur1 busted

Isildur1 didn’t manage to get anything going, and busted out of the tournament just before the money. Very sad, considering he had such a good start after completely crushing his first opponent in the tournament, leechuckpoker. The dream right now would obviously be to see Isildur1 play in the Super High Roller 102k$ buy-in tournament starting tomorrow, but seeing as action has been going down for Isildur1 lately, this seems extremely unlikely, and we will sadly, probably not be able to see Isildur1 in that tournament tomorrow. Therefore, we wish Isildur1 all the luck in his upcoming tournament battles or cashgames, hopefully he can manage to get some rungood going, we are still looking for that major upswing.

Don’t forget that there is also smaller WCOOP tournaments going on tomorrow, not to forget the Sunday Million of course, so even if Isildur1 can’t register into the Super High Roller 102k$, he will surely be back tomorrow to try and get that tournament win that he so much needs right now to get something going.

We will of course keep you guys updated on what’s coming up next, feel free to follow us on Twitter, to make sure you dont miss out on any upcoming updates. Until then, stay strong.

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