Isildur1 in 3rd place @ WCOOP-55 – Wins 72.8k$ [2016-09-19]

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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been playing a lot of tournaments lately, which isnt very strange considering the World Championship Of Online Poker is going on at this very moment. Besides from registering to the 10k and the 2k WCOOP tournament along with some others yesterday, Isildur1 also registered to WCOOP-55 $530 NL Hold’em. With 1833 entrants it was surely going to be a long road to the final table, but as we know from before, Isildur1 is not scared of walking the long roads, he isn’t scared of anything.

It’s been some time since Isildur1 made a huge score in any tournament lately, and when it comes like big scores like this one, we have to look all the way back to SCOOP 2015, when Isildur1 came in 12/694 in the 10k event. 2016 hasn’t been very kind to Isildur1 up til today, when Viktor managed to turn it all around in the WCOOP-55 tournament. After the final table had just started, 3 players busted out pretty quickly after a real cooler hand, and after this they all kept busting out one after another, and finally they ended up 3-handed, blanconegro, clinc3, and King Blom.


Check the picture timeline below for the key hands leading up to the final table, and the final table action:


A great hand for King Blom, JJ against 1010, DOMINATED!

isi-9 isi-10isi-11 isi-12 isi-13 isi-14

isi-16 isi-17 isi-18 isi-19 isi-21 isi-22 isi-23

isi-24 isi-25 isi-26 isi-27


Over 1000 happy railbirds watching the spectacle, thats just great!


Isildur1 shoves with pocket JJ, and takes down the ENORMOUS 8.145M pot! King Blom is now the chipleader at the final table!



First 5-minute break with Isildur1 as the chip leader on the table. Down to 3-handed, looking promising!


Ouch,a  big cooler for Isildur1.


A shove from clinc3 after the river, followed by Isildur1 using almost his entire timebank, and finally decides to fold.


Isildur1’s stack keeps shrinking, now down to 3.4M$.


CONGRATULATIONS to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom for the huge win and the 3rd place! You’ve made the town of Ed proud!

Isildur1 ends up in 3rd place, scoring a big win for the day, a much needed one, and 72.8k$ to the bank.

I think the big question that everyone is wondering right now is:

What stakes is he going to play now? Back to lower stakes, or is he going to take a shot at the higher stakes, going Old School Hu4rollz? We will see!

Whatever Isildur1 decides to do from here is completely up to him, and finally he got that big win that we all have been waiting for, for such a long time.

Such a shame that he couldn’t manage to take it down as the winner of the tournament after finally getting the chiplead on the final table, but a 3rd place is also very good, considering the tournament had 1833 entries.

We will of course keep you guys updated with whats waiting ahead, and with this nice win there is surely big action waiting around the corner. Until then, stay safe.

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  1. Everyone from town of ED is very proud

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