Isildur1 unchained – Big swings at the highest stakes [2016-11-20]

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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been playing a lot lately, on the highest available stakes at PokerStars.


Earlier during the year, we have seen Viktor playing on very low stakes compared to what he is used to, and we do understand why he has to do it sometimes when things doesnt go his way, but it just doesnt feel right to see Isildur1 playing on low stakes, a big name like Isildur1 should always be playing at the highest stakes possible, out there making fat stacks.

The games Isildur1 has been focusing on is mainly 8-game, playing both 400/800 and 1k/2k, but also a lot of PLO and 2-7 Triple Draw.

When November month started, he had a minor upswing for around 100k going on for some days, and then lost the entire 100k$ in one days gambling.

Viktor countered that with a winning day of almost 200k$, and what followed during the next 6 days was that he had a lot of swings up and down, that didnt really change much considering he first lost some, then won some, then lost some, and then continued in that manner for some time. It was like that until 2016-11-18, when Viktor had a big upswing, winning slightly over 323k$ in just 24 hours.

There has been a lot of dicussion going down lately over the world, wether Isildur1 is staked or not, mostly considering there was a time when he kept playing low stakes, even after having a big win one day, and then the other day came back to play with what seemed to be a bank roll management. Isildur1 killed all those rumours when he suddenly decided to sit down at the 1k/2k 8-game and battled against the very best. It remains unknown if Isildur1 is staked or not, but during the last couple of days it surely looks like Isildur1 is unchained from the staking rules, unless the staker allows him to gamble as much and as rapidly as Viktor has been doing over the last few days. It’s not like it once used to be, that Isildur1 would play anyone at any stakes, even Viktor has been stating that he wants Kroko-dill to come and sit down for the action to start, if this is because this is the only way to get all the others player to join in on the action just to get something going, or if Isildur1 himself is targetting Andrey as a huge fish, remains unknown.

It’s not like the 1k/2k 8-game battle has been running like water during the last few days, mostly the players have been sitting down at the table waiting for Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko to appear, and then happily maked sure they were involved in the action, no Kroko-dill, no action, has been the motto for the last days.

The only things we really can know for sure for the upcoming Sunday, is the following:

Isildur1 is hoping that his favourite team Chelsea FC manages to beat Middlesbrough in the Premier League today, something that would keep them in the top of the table.

Isildur1 is most likely going to be playing 1k/2k mixed 8-game, especially if Kroko-dill is there. If he isn’t, it might be hard to get something going considering the other players seems afraid to take King Blom down himself, with the exception of RaulGonzalez.


Isildur1 is most likely going to continue his daily ongoing battles against RaulGonzales at the 2-7 Triple Draw, and the PLO tables. Our prediction is that Viktor is going to be crowned as the King of this battle, he is just the better player between the two. It’s as simple as that.

The tracking over at HighstakesDB has not been accurate lately, they seem to have problems with the tracking, something that they need to fix asap, but they managed to manually add in the missing sessions afterwards, recovering from the damage. The most hectic time for Isildur1 this entire month, must have been all the action and swings he has been going through since Friday, until today.

There is still a big left in this week, today, Sunday, and hopefully we will see a big upswing from Isildur1 today, this is how the graph is looking for this weekend so far:


This is what Isildur1’s graphs looked like for the first 18 days of November, according to HighstakesDB:


The statistics above looks somewhat accurate, the main problem for HighstakesDB has been tracking the PLO sessions, that they for some reason have had to add in manually afterwards from time to time, so this is something that they definetly need  to fix as soon as possible, and what we are going to do now is to show some of the most  important pots of the action going down in the last 2 days:

 isil1118-1 isil1118-2 isil1118-3 isil1118-4 isil1118-5 isil1118-6

A very important 80k$ pot goes to Isildur1 on the PLO table.


As can be seen below, Trueteller was only 15% this hand, but still manages to split the pot after a lucky river on the picture above.

isil1118-8 isil1118-9 isil1118-10

As can be seen above, Isildur1 and RaulGonzalez continues their headsup battles, in what looks to be an x-booked mix game of 2-7 Triple Draw, and 100/200 PLO. They have continued to switch between the 2 games in their headsup battle, and they keep switching between 500/1k 2-7 Triple Draw, and 100/200 PLO. A rough guess is that RaulGonzalez sees himself as the favourite between the two in 2-7 Triple Draw, while Isildur1 is considered to be a better PLO player, we are not so sure about this. We believe that Isildur1 is a better player than RaulGonzalez in both of the games, which leads to the conclusion that we hope that he continues with this mixed headsup battle against RaulGonzalez, because hopefully he will see himself as the winner in that battle in a short matter of time.


Heavy loss for Isildur1 during this hand, where Sauce123 managed to get the bigger flush, taking this huge 86k$ pot home.

isil1118-12 isil1118-13

Lrslzk manages to get the better of Isildur1 in this hand.


This is one of the biggest downswings Isildur1 had in the session, at one point Viktor sat on a hefty 160k$+ stack, and then he just kept losing pot after pot, and when the hand above occured, Isildur1 tanked for almost 2 minutes before making his final decision, ending up with ultimately losing the big pot to Crazy Elior.


This is the hand that ultimately followed the loss in the previous hand. A big 130k$ pot lost against Thuritz, and Isildur1 had now lost over 160k$ within only about 1 hour of play.

Under 1 hour of play, Isildur1 went from having a huge stack, to losing all of it, followed by a quick rebuy of 100k$ on the table to get right back into the action.


Another huge pot goes to Isildur1 in the battle against RaulGonzalez.


An important pot of 73k$ goes to Isildur1, in the ongoing headsup battle against RaulGonzalez.


Isildur1 takes down the 60k$ pot against Aron0621, who seems to be a target in the PLO games.


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