Isildur1 on Sunday Grand PLO final table [2017-02-06]

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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom reached final table of the Sunday Grand PLO today.

194 registered players were down to 6, and Isildur1 was one of them.

 While waiting for the players go down to 6 which would mean the final table (since it’s a 6-max tournament), Isildur1 decided to also open up a 25/50 PLO table, against EspenasApart and no other than WithColor. Who doesn’t remember the extreme battle the two had during Isildur1’s million dollar upswing?

31PokerGod31, check_lol, bencb789, terror777727 Bassysaffari, and of course Isildur1, was the players that reached the magnificent six on the final table of the Sunday Grand PLO event. It has taken Viktor over 7 hours to get here, but finally he reaches a final table in a major tournament, something we havent seen from Viktor in a pretty long while.

 Isildur1 entered the final table with a $1 135 640 stack, tightly followed by bencb789 and his $1 129 634 stack.

With $38k$ for first place, this is surely something that would be very welcome for the Swedish King, considering he has been playing lowstakes lately, with the exception of playing highstakes when a player like bodamos, or spaise is online and ready to spew away some chips. You just know that when Isildur1 is one of the guys who sits there and wait for the fish to arrive, that something isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

Viktor aint supposed to be sitting there waiting for the fish to arrive, he is the one who should battle the very best, considering that he is one oft he best players in the world, if not the best, and when it comes to 8-game, he is one of the absolute best, when it comes to 2-7 Triple Draw, he is surely one of the best players in the world, and when it comes to games like Fixed Holdem or Flo8 for that matter, he is also one of the best players in the world.

That’s why we want to see King Isildur1 battle the best players in the world, not to sit there like the other cowards patiently waiting for the fish to arrive, and when Isildur1 reached the final table of thge Sunday Grand PLO, you can imagine a lot of people around the world sits there in pure excitement while railing and waiting for Isildur1 to take down another big tournament.

With $38k for 1st, $28k for 2nd, and $21k for third, there is a lot at stake here and if Isildur1 would manage to take this one down, he would be able to play some really interesting cash games.

The final table reached the first break, Isildur1 still with a big stack of over $1M.

bencb789 on the other hand had managed to take the first place, sitting on a $1.3M stack.

Over 300 people also railed the tournament on PokerStars, showing that Isildur1 still interest a lot of people out there.

The action then continued 3-handed, between 31Poker, Bassysaffari, and Isildur1.

At this moment of time, 31PokerGod31 was indeed a PokerGod, sitting on a over $3M of the chips, Isildur1 at $ 1.3M chips, followed by Bassysaffari on about $400k. Viktor had now secured $21k for third place if he would end up there, a 2nd place would give him $28k, and the first place would give him $38k. As we all already now, Viktor is not the one who makes deals on final tables and today was no different. It’s unlikely that Isildur1 would accept a final table deal, even if it’s a good one. He is there to win. He is there to conquer, Isildur1 is the Ragnar Lothbrok of Poker, he is the God, he is the King, and he is the ruler. Viktor gets what Viktor wants, and right now he wants to win this bloody tournament.

 First things first, and now it was time to get Bassysaffari out of the tournament, which would mean a heads-up battle against 31PokerGod31, Viktor would need some rungood in order to turn it around in a heads-up battle between the two, considering that 31PokerGod31 is sitting with most of the chips, however, Isildur1 is considered to be a much better player (not so crazy considering he is one of, if not the best player in the world), which means that Isildur1 could win any heads-up battle out there, heads-up is his speciality.

The action continued, Bassysaffari now down to about $300k chips, then managed to win an all-in pot against 31PokerGod31, Bassysaffari had now managed to work his way back to a heft stack, he is now dangerous yet again.

Viewer count on the rail was still going strong, over 300 people waiting for Isildur1 to bring this one down.

Bassysaffari managed to work his way back up to a $800k stack, making him even more dangerous for every hand that followed. What is going on here? It’s supposed to be 31PokerGod31 against Isildur1 heads-up, Bassy, it’s time for you to go.

But Bassy didn’t want to go anywhere, he wanted to put up a fight, he was not ready to leave the tournament just  yet.

 The worst thing that could happen right now is that Isildur1 loses a big pot against 31PokerGod31, that could be catastrofic for Isildur1 and he could end up with the smallest stack on the table, something we do not want to see, Ya dig?

 Then it happened. Jesus Christ. It was Bassysaffari all in against Isildur1.

Isildur1 was only 15% after the turn, but managed to get a lucky river, busting Bassysaffari out of the tournament, and putting Isildur1 on a $2.5M stack, making his stack size almost exactly as big as 31PokerGod31, it was now time for heads-up between the two. Come on now Isildur1, beat that Romanian Rascall.

 The heads-up battle continued between the two, and then something really bad happened:

31PokerGod31 indeed ran like a God, and managed to get this lucky river, giving him the win in the tournament.

With this unlucky river Isildur1 still managed to take 2nd place for $28K dollars, and to that we say:

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S – Viktor “Isildur1” Blom!

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