Isildur1 on Sunday Grand PLO final table again [2017-04-03]

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom continued his weekly Sunday tournament grind today, and this time with success.

He didn’t manage to get deep in the Sunday Million, but he surely managed to get deep in something else. Isildur1 managed to reach the final table of the Sunday Grand PLO, a tournament with a first prize of $34k, and considering the grinding Isildur1 has been doing lately, this hefty sum would probably be a very welcome addition to the bank.

After all of the players reached almost the same stack sizes, they started talking about making a deal, and the tournament manager paused the game so the players could discuss the deal. At first it looked like a chop was in place, but considering Isildur1 doesn’t do chops, it seemed like he was joking about making a deal for it from the beginning, and when it came closer Isildur1 finally decided to turn the deal down, and continue playing.

As can be seen on the pictures below, Isildur1 started to lose more and more of his stack, and then joked about that he now wanted to make a deal. But, there was a problem here, the player ‘gottogive’ didn’t want to make a deal, and even when Isildur1 managed to work his stack back up, he didn’t want to make a deal now either, due to the fact that he had a bigger stack than Isildur1 had. Then Isildur1 managed to turn it all around, and actually managed to bust out ‘gottogive’ out of the tournament.

Isildur1 then managed to keep growing his stack size, and ultimately he became the big chip leader of the table.

T-macha went out in third place, leaving Secret_M0d3 and Isildur1 for a heads up, battle, Isildur1 on $2. 312 246 in stack size, and Secret_M0d3 on $1 937 754. The two went heads-up, and the battle was on.

Secret_M0d3 then managed to take the lead, and pretty quick he was up to over $3M in chips, Viktor with barely $1M in chips, making Secret_M0d3 a big chip leader. Isildur1 then managed to fight his way back up to a $1.6M stack, and was looking healthy again in the battle. But it never turned around in Viktors favour, he managed to get back with a small chip lead, but lost it again.

Ultimately Isildur1 ended on 2nd place, and with $25k added to the bank, surely there is some big action waiting ahead of us. We will keep each and every one of you out there updated on what’s waiting for the week.

Stay strong everyone.

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