Isildur1 approaches 2 million for 2017 [2017-07-01]

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has a good time right now, when it comes to his results.

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He has also moved back to Sweden, after having lived in London for a while.

 We all know that Viktor loves to party, both on and off the tables. Now, Viktor lives in a small town back in Sweden again, a town that allegedly has no nightclubs and no bar streets, according to the interview he did earlier this year for PokerNews. According to Viktor himself, he can focus more on his game now, and he doesn’t do much study, the study he does consists of thinking about previous hands he played, it can be at home, or even on the train when he is travelling somewhere.

Some people might ask themselves, what does this mean for Isildur1? Does he have to pay taxes on his poker winnings? Well, both yes and no. The most important thing to remember here is that for online play at PokerStars, Isildur1 doesn’t have to pay any tax. What’s bad about Viktor moving back to Sweden is that this lower the opportunities for us to be able to rail him at huge live tournaments, like the SHR Bowl for example. If he would play that live tournament, he would have to pay huge taxes for that. But online at PokerStars, he doesn’t.

Viktor stated in the interview with PokerNews that he wanted to play the WSOP, but hasn’t shown up there this year yet. Maybe the insane upswing started in late May has something to do with that? Why would Viktor waste time there when he makes a killing online? Exactly.

He has a good relationship with Unibet, and considering Unibet was the company that got Viktor to stream at all for the very first time, we have to show respect to Unibet for making him do that. The fact that hotted89 has been trying to get Isildur1 to stream on Twitch as well, makes us very happy and we havent’ lost our hopes yet about that one.

He played in the Unibet Open Copenhagen in the ending of May, but didn’t perform any good, in either tournament.

Viktor wasn’t good enough to beat Charlotte Van Brabander heads-up at the Unibet Open Battle Royale, but he surely was good enough to perform better online in the upcoming months.

There has been some tough times for him lately when it comes to the results, but with insane heater he is currently on, things are once again looking bright for Wonder Kid Blom.

Viktor was stuck playing lowstakes for a long, long time for this year. With the exception of some occasional 400/800 game, he was mostly seen at the lower stakes, such as 100/200 8-game, 75/150 flo8, and lower triple draw tables. This changed drastically right after WCOOP ended for the year.

For many months in 2017 nothing really happened for Isildur1, something that changed big when we reached June 2017.

The battles that has been played has mostly been against RaulGonzalez, (Saniker from FullTiltPoker). The two has enjoyed long and fearless battles at mostly the 1k/2k 8-game tables, where Isildur1 has had huge success. They mostly play for around 7-10 hours, and without any significant breaks inbetween. About a week ago, he reached all time high on

 With this upswing, Isildur1 has also reached the highest profit mark ever on PokerStars. We have to go back as long as 2015 for when he reached +$3.25m after an insane run that we reported about back in 2015. The following year, he lost almost $2m of the entire profit he made during the previous heater. With the current $1.75 upswing for the last weeks for Isildur1, this puts him up over +$3.3m on PokerStars.

This was the weeks when Viktor once again performed in style, it was his signature play, his signature melody. Honestly, I could have never imagined it would go easy, but I would never have been able to imagine a climax as big and impresive like this. This wasn’t at all what i could have dreamed of. This was something that I couldn’t even imagine would happen. King Blom back on an insane upswing – Who could have imagined?

A Swedish classic – the Isildur1 upswing.

An effort to remember, a victory for madness – and a performance worthy to mention again, again, and again, until there are no more keys left on the keyboard. Take me along the Viktor Blom poker tables – Fly me to the moon and back.

Isildur1 is no ordinary dozen in the crowd, Viktor has both the skill, the heart, and the enthusiasm to come back once again, and something to fall back on when it’s swinging and blowing for him. Because, if there is something to always remember about Isildur1, he always comes back. Sure, he takes a bang. He might go on a downswing, but no matter how clean and hard the upswing hits him – he hits back, and he hits back hard, like an eagle.

 Judging by his graph, one can clearly see that Isildur1 was stuck to basically no swings at all during the entire year, until we reached the end of May, where he went on this insane heater, shown in the graph below.


RaulGonzalez has since this post was made clawed back, winning close to $270k$ back from Isildur1. Come on now Viktor!

Viktor Blom was the man to set fire to the Highstakes action back in 2009, and Isildur1 is the man kickstarting it once again here in 2017. We hope that Viktor sees himself as the Swedish king, because his name is not Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Our king’s name is Viktor Blom. I hope that we will find a good way to keep Isildur1 in this heater for a very long time – And I hope that he will be valued in the future as he deserves to be valued.

Now that he is on this sick heater, do we want him to be playing more safe and make sure not to fall back in the hole again? That’s a tough question. There is obviously no fault with the game model “Play It Safe”, it’s the way most successful Poker players takes. On the contrary, it’s extremely inspiring with a person like Viktor Blom who chooses his own road – for us railbirds it’s awesome, for someone as moderate and scared as the average successful poker player, it’s different.

We all remember that Isildur1 streamed together with Unibet some time ago, and we all wanted him to come back to Twitch to stream some more. Something that Viktor himself also hinted for in the following tweet:

Remember that this was before his insane upswing for the year, but hopefully Viktor’s thoughts about maybe streaming some on Twitch haven’t changed.

Since there is no rail chat available on PokerStars like it was earlier when FullTiltPoker was still active, we decided to open up a railing stream, and with great success.

The stream can be found in the following link:

He has been on fire for some years now, and the power of Blom is completely unique.

Our hope is that Viktor himself is going to start streaming on Twitch soon, maybe it’s not that likely right now, but hopefully in the future.

It’s time to shoulder the master jacket, to live up to the support and love we all show for him, and it’s time for YOU, reading this, to join our railing stream on Twitch.

There is a height in the battles he enters, but there is something tickling specifically with the battles against RaulGonzalez, and also a vulnerability that is very difficult to understand, on the threshold of the adventure that is currently going on.

There are plenty of other days when we can just complain and doubt, and maybe feel like we’re crazy in all the damn crap that is going on around the world anyways. But 9 years later, Isildur1 is going to battle on the highest stakes once again.

No reservations, no objections. Only have one thought in your head now Viktor. Win. Just Win. For yourself, for the town of Ed, for everything in the world: WIN!

Wondering what will happen in the upcoming days? So do we.

 Rail along with us at Twitch.

Times are changing, the years go by. Viktor Blom? He consists.

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