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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been playing a lot lately, and the swings has been massive during the last couple of days.

During the morning, he continued his battle against his rival RaulGonzalez, an opponent that he often battles against, and the battles are mostly epic and very entertaining, where he started of by winning close to 200k$ at the 8-game table, followed by another 101k$ at the 2-7 Triple Draw, while only having played for just about an hour.

Yesterday he managed to get an upswing good of around 500k$, only to lose it on the following downswing, and the action reached it’s climax when Isildur1 opened up four 200/400 PLO deep tables, and it just started swinging, where he ended up losing big. Upon that, Isildur1 also lost in the following heads-up battle against Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky.

A bad session.
Or no, a sadly awful damn session.
But still a bright future ahead for Viktor.

With this being said, we look forward, not back. We live here and now, we can’t change the past, the only thing we can change is here and now, and preparing for the future, and Isildur1 surely were preparing for a better future, starting the following day.


After going through the massive swings, there were probably many who doubted that he would come back strong just the following day, we do know that Isildur1 is known to have these insane swings in his graphs and on the action at the poker tables, what we didn’t know, was that he would come back and completely crush, and this time not on PokerStars, instead he was invited once again to play with Sam Trickett and the boys over at the PartyPoker tables, and we are very happy that Viktor received that invitation once again, and even more happy that he managed to get another upswing going.

If you for some reason missed out on the action, the battle can be found on the link below:

We have already had over 200+ viewers a numerous times in our railing channel, where we follow King Blom in his adventures, but we have never had, or seen, as many railers in the Twitch channel as we did during the action over at PartyPoker. At peak, we had way above 500 viewers in the channel, putting our railing channel on the very top of the list of the poker channels that were streamed during this humongous battle, and during just some hours, we managed to scrape together over 120 new followers to the channel, which is something that we are obviously very happy for. We want as many happy railers out there as possible to come and rail together with us in the railing channel, hang out in the chat and simply witness the damage that can be done when Isildur1 just crushes it out on the poker tables. With the bad downswing that occured last night, we are extremely happy that he managed to win big this time over at the tables at PartyPoker.

Judging from the amount of buyins Isildur1 made at the table, his profit from this PartyPoker session should be around 320-360k$, and with this win, Isildur1 managed to scrape together a decent chunk, that surely will be used for upcoming battles in the future. Below, is a timeline from the action, that also can be found on the following link:

Thank you for this time. Thank you for faith, hope and that upswing. Now we take it further from here, and continue on this current upswing.

In the early times of the epic battle, we could see Isildur1 sitting steady on 37k$ from his 40k$ buyin, a buyin that he later lost, but then he made another buyin, and started hammering.

Even though Isildur1 is one of, if not the best poker player in the world, he surely can’t be as good in football, right?

Surely he wouldn’t mind joining the Chelsea FC club, but would he be starting attacker?

Probably not, considering Morata scores goal after goal, game after game, but wouldn’t it be possible for him to sit on the bench, instead of  Batshuayi.

If Fabian Delph can get a starting position in Manchester City, surely Viktor could manage to get into one of the other top clubs.

A very warm, and welcome pot goes to Isildur1, oh boy, that’s a big one!

As also can be seen above, the follower cup was already full at this time, but more followers was yet to come, some of them missed the cup though.

Bad luck for Isildur1, who loses this 97k$ pot to KingsOfLeon.

At this point of time, we decided to make the cup smaller, it was already full with happy railers who followed the stream, but the lovely HeroValue didn’t like the big cup, so we made it smaller. We adjust to our railers, because without the railbirds, we would be nothing.

Isildur1 ended up sitting out with this 440k$ stack, was this stack fresh?

Yes, absolutely, some of you out there might ask yourselves, what is Viktor going to do now with the money from this astonishing, and remarkable stack?

Only Isildur1 knows, what we know, is that we will cover it, here, but mainly in our railing channel, so why don’t you go ahead and follow it today?

For the best coverage of the upcoming battles, kindly follow our railing Twitch channel:


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